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(Recipe) Cherry Clafoutis

Cherry clafoutis might sound fancy, but don’t be fooled – this French dessert is surprisingly easy to make. And even more importantly, it’s delicious!I’ve been a fan of Diala’s globally-inspired, vegetable-forward recipes for years now. Each one has a personal story behind it, often linked to a specific place.

(Recipe) Koek & Zopie

Whenever there is a potential freeze in the Netherlands, everyone thinks of pea soup. Ice skating and pea soup go hand in hand. A good skating tour should be accompanied by a good “koek en zopie” and that means hot chocolate milk and “erwtensoep” (pea soup). When the weather starts to freeze, everybody keeps their fingers crossed for natural ice. Ice skating is one of the most beautiful Dutch traditions!

Topische Probiotika – 5 Vorteile der probiotischen Hautpflege

Probiotic skin care is a newer phenomenon with an amazing array of possibilities. Is this a trend that will quickly pass or should probiotics be the new staple in your skincare regimen? I set out to discover the truth behind this trend and make an informed professional decision.

Honestly, at first it sounds a bit gross. We are being encouraged to apply microscopic living bacteria to the skin. These organisms, called probiotics, can be found in cleansers, toners, serums, moisturizers and even in your SPF. In response to this trend, I asked myself 3 primary questions.

What does the science and data conclude about probiotics in our skin care, are all probiotics created equal and can these organisms really live outside the refrigerator? What I discovered might surprise you.

Safran oder “das rote Gold”: Fünf Gründe, warum das teuerste Gewürz der Welt gut für Ihre Haut ist


Did you know that the act of producing red gold or safron is an extremely laborious one? the workers painstakingly seperate each delicate stigma or the thread-like structures that pollinate, from the flowers, lay it out carefully in a sieve, and threat it further with heat for the beautiful red color to deepen.

Codex Give-Away – Superfood – Dutch Healthcare Workers

Codex beauty actie skin superfood

Een baan in de gezondheidszorg is intensief. En de afgelopen maanden heeft Covid-19 er nog een flinke schep bovenop gedaan. Voor alle mensen die zich elke dag inzetten om voor ons te zorgen als we ziek zijn, stroopte Codex Beauty founder Barbara Paldus haar mouwen op. Het resultaat? Een wereldwijde giveaway campagne. Vanuit Holistik dragen Karlijn en Evelyn graag een aan steentje bij om de campagne in Nederland kracht bij te zetten. Speciaal voor alle artsen en verpleegkundigen die de afgelopen maanden zo hebben moeten bikkelen.