Bridging the Gap Between Fragrance and Skincare with Our Unique Milky Formulation


Bridging the Gap Between Fragrance and Skincare with Our Unique Milky Formulation

The skincare and fragrance industries have traditionally been quite separate. In recent years, the skincare sector has become more transparent about ingredient sourcing and manufacturing processes, while the fragrance industry has remained more secretive, often concealing ingredients. In this article, we’ll explore how our scents bridge the gap between fragrance and skincare through ingredient transparency and innovative formulations.

The Detrimental Effects of Ethanol-based Perfumes

Ethanol-based perfumes can have significant negative impacts on our health. This harsh denatured alcohol, listed as ‘alcohol denat’ on ingredient lists, can strip and weaken the skin, leading to irritation, especially for sensitive skin types.

Additionally, ethanol-based perfumes contribute to environmental problems, as synthetic chemical compounds contaminate waterways and aquatic wildlife and contribute to the mistreatment of animals. These issues emphasize the advantages of our unique alcohol-free formulation, which eliminates the damaging effects that alcohol can have on our health and the environment.

Achieving the Ideal Formula

Our goal in developing our natural fragrances was to create a safe and stable formula that enhances the olfactory experience while preserving the delicate aroma. We worked diligently to create a new type of perfume, transforming it into a micro-emulsion using the patented WPE® process.

Water is a challenging base to work with, but through innovative techniques and extensive research, we successfully suspended fragrance oil in water. The WPE® process allows us to create alcohol-free perfumes with improved tenacity, shelf life, and product penetration through the upper epidermis layer. The result is a precious, milky liquid reminiscent of skincare products. Our innovative formulations gently hydrate the skin and hair while avoiding the use of ethanol, a common solvent.

Applying Our Milky Fragrance Like Skincare

Dr. Anne Claire, the creator of Brûmée, aimed to bridge the gap between skincare and fragrance by developing innovative and unique fragrance formulations that are gentle on the skin and hair. Our perfumes contain water, which nourishes and hydrates the skin, while their aromatic layers of essential oils mature and reveal themselves throughout the day.

The distinctively milky appearance of our fragrances enables them to be applied like a body lotion. Gently spray our fragrances onto the skin and massage them in, allowing the nourishing and aromatic elements to work together, providing both hydration and scent simultaneously.

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