Autumn -οr- my “back to office” essentials

BLOG - Autumn -οr- my “back to office” essentials

The sad moment that you realize that holidays are over is unfortunately here. I cannot complain though. My summer was full of adventures and beautiful moments. Having amazing holidays with my best friend on the Greek island of Crete followed by a trip to USA with my hubby, left my heart full of joy and my skin and hair full of…“traumas” ☹️

My hair became tremendously dehydrated by the extremely hot Greek sun and the sea salt while my skin broke out so many times because of alcohol (can’t be holidays without cold beers and cocktails!!) , junk food (hello road trip and American Diners!!) and a poor diet in general (ice cream and Greek “souvlaki” rocked my summer world….)…So….here comes the time to be back home and return to my old healthy habits.

Summer is over

Summer is Over - EvaSummer is over but there are still some products that remind me of my holidays and help me carry some summer vibes even in my office!! One of these products is the ALOHA | Spray for Aura & Senses by Corinna Kuhnert. This beautiful handmade blend contains Hawaiiian flower essences, pure organic essential oils and spring water infused with rose quartz and aloha (how cool is that!!!). Since Wilma sent that bottle to me there has not been a single day without wearing it and receiving so many compliments about its magnificent scent. I love spraying this blend on my hair, my body, my closet, my clothes, my pillow and as a colleague told me some days ago “damn girl….you smell like summer”!!!
I am simply IN LOVE with this!!!

Speaking about perfumes and scents…

Nadine Artemis

I loved perfumes all my life. However, there has been quite a while since I ditched all synthetic and toxic perfumes (after a severe health issue that threatened my life) and I began to think a little better of what I am putting on my body.
Therefore, I decided to try the Living Libations perfumes and so…a beautiful “lady” came for a visit…let me introduce you…her name is “Lilac Lady”…..

The spring-fresh scent of lilac has never before been bottled to such perfection. Elusive and shy, like a dancing spring-sprite peeking from behind a blushing bush, our Lilac Lady Perfume can only be coaxed by the most delicate distillation methods.
This super-critical extraction presses past the standardized and synthesized, offering the purest essence of lilac in all its ethereal glory
”… this is the description of the product from the LL site and it simply couldn’t get more accurate (by the way…
Nadine’s descriptions of all her products blow my mind…she sounds like a proud mother who praises each one of her unique children…)

When I first smelled the “Lilac Lady” I was not quite sure if I liked it or not…
As I read on the LL site the Lady of this perfume is the lavish lilac “…a flower so delicate that its’ authentic fragrance has never before been captured in natural perfume form..The Lilac remains extremely rare because it is so difficult to distill…”(well…that says a lot..). Combined with jasmine, sandalwood, ylang, chamomile, lavender and black currant, this creamy blend creates a unique scent that is difficult to describe…floral and sensual…sexy and calming at the same time…pure and relaxing…Lilac is known as an antidepressant that invigorates both body and mind… well…perfect for busy days at work….
I love spraying this blend on both body and hair and it feels like you are wearing a bouquet of wild flowers…or dancing in the heart of a wild garden…I have never tried anything so special in my life.
After my experience with “Lilac Lady” more LL petal perfumes will be added in my wish list!!! That is for sure!! Why not ditching all the synthetic and toxic floral imitations found in stores and in expensive looking bottles and finally getting the real thing???
Lilac Lady Petal Perfume” can be only described as a –forest- poem in a bottle…

Invest in botanicals and pure essential oils that will deeply transform your “hairy crown”

Living Libations - Crowning Glory Hair OilI am one of these ladies who have a love affair with their hair and I love pampering it with quality shampoos, conditioners (True Blue Spirulina Shampoo and Conditioner from LL are my favorites) and pure oils.
However, summer holidays really damaged my hair. So after my arrival home I knew that there is only one product that will save my “hairy crown”…the “Crowning Glory Hair Oil” from LL. The ingredients list is amazing and its’ formula very beneficial for both hair and scalp. No more dry scalp and no more tired, damaged and lackluster hair.
Beautiful ingredients such as pumpkin seed oil, jojoba, nettle (this herb is excellent as a hair tonic), Rosemary, nerol, vetiver and Spikenard…this last one is a GAME CHANGER ingredient…
Nadine Artemis writes that spikenard essential oil has been used for thousands of years for healing, medical issues and as a nourishing and fragrant hair oil. “It was spikenard, after all, that was mentioned in the Song of Solomon and used by Mary Magdalene to anoint the feet of Christ, then she wiped his feet with her hair. This deeply reassuring root nourishes your hair roots…”- (Nadine Artemis).
Save your money and ditch countless synthetic and toxic hair products that “promise” to “repair” your summer damaged hair…Invest in botanicals and pure essential oils that will deeply transform your “hairy crown”.

What is more to ask for your locks?

Living Libations - Crowning Glory Hair Oil Having oily hair can be tricky especially when you want to feel your hair silky and clean on a daily basis. However shampooing your hair daily and then blow dry it, takes time and can be very damaging for the hair. So, the only solution is dry shampoo… The problem is that most dry shampoos are packed with so many chemicals such as parabens, talc, aluminum starches, propane and alcohols.
So I decided to try the “Flowers in Her Hair” dry shampoo and OMG…Thank God I did!!!!

Packed with all natural minerals, botanicals and essentials oils this powdery dry shampoo will save you soooooo much time while leaving your hair clean and shiny!! Sprinkle a little bit on your hair, massage it into the roots, let the powder sit for a couple of minutes to activate all the nourishing botanicals, brush your hair and repeat as necessary throughout the day or week.

No words are enough to describe the beautiful ingredients list… Arrow Root, Kaolin Clay (used to draw out toxins and impurities. It also increases circulation to the scalp and reverses the damaging effects of heavy metals), Silk Peptides that promote hair elasticity, Rosemary, Probiotics , Chamomile Flowers, Lavender Flowers, Jasmine Sambac ( the aroma of jasmine sambac is aphrodisiac and increases confidence and feelings of sensuality), Yang Ylang , Magnolia Blossom…
I mean….come on…. What is more to ask for your locks???? “Flowers in Her Hair Dry Shampoo makes you Forget wet hair and embrace the ease of dry shampooing from absolutely anywhere!” (thank you Nadine!!!!)

This unique oil reduces wrinkles and sun spots

Living Libations - Camellia Carrier Oil

If you have ever read my reviews you know how much I love camellia oil.

Camellia promotes beautiful skin and helps restoring it especially after sun exposure. This oil is rich in oleic fatty acids, rich in omega 9, vitamins A,B,D and antioxidants…whatever my tired skin needs after the summer holidays. This unique oil reduces wrinkles and sun spots. My skin glows and it looks hydrated, soft and smooth again. Camellia oil from LL (highest quality out there) has saved my skin for once more. Japanese geishas used this magical oil to pamper their hair, to remove make-up and to moisturize their skin and nails..
Having the luxury to use a pure oil that comes from the Japanese winter-blooming flower Tsubaki, known as the Rose of Winter, takes my daily facial routine to a whole new level.

A Magical Product for Damaged Skin

acne - rosacea - eczema - stretch marks - wounds - wrinkles - sagging skin - flaky skin - fine linesAnother magical product for damaged skin is the Jewel Dab.
I tried this blend for the first time a year ago, again after summer holidays. I had some sun spots and of course being around 40 means that wrinkles and fine lines are already there. I use this oil three times per week as a night treatment combined with my BSE . It is said to be “The Crown Jewel” of the DewDab family and it is a pure essential oil blend created to restore, revitalize, and reestablish skin’s radiance…sandalwood, myrrh, immortelle, Roman chamomile, palmarosa, carrot oil, turmeric and other amazing ingredients create this liquid treasure…You can dab a single drop directly onto skin, or to dilute with an organic oil to create a serum.
I personally combine 1-2 drops with my BSE. It helps with rosacea, eczema, stretch marks, wounds, wrinkles, sagging skin, flaky skin, and fine lines.
You have to try this out!!!

Autumn is the period that I suffer from allergies

AllergySneezing all the time in the office with a running nose can be very irritating for both myself and my colleagues. Best solution for those days is the “Illume Classic Camphorous Balm
This balm is perfect for protecting the the inner nose, perfect for colds (you can also apply it to chests) and excellent for liberating the sinuses.

Rosemary, eucalyptus, chamomile, oregano, thyme and other beautiful ingredients create this balm that is also great for air travel . A small jar that you can carry in your bag all day long. For those who get a cold, Living Libations Longevity Liquid is your breath’s best friend. Apply one drop neat or diluted with some coconut oil to the chest and nose. Add a drop to your bath or shower or to a diffuser to purify the air of your room. Marjoram ,Frankincense Essential Oil ,Black Spruce Essential Oil , Lavender Essential Oil , Tansy Essential Oil, Niaouli Essential Oil ( Niaouli is the strong “cousin” of tea tree oil) , Peppermint Essential Oil all beautiful botanicals that have been traditionally used to free the chest, help your breath, the nose and to purify the air around you.

The Breath Issue

The Breath Issue - EvaAnd last but certainly not least especially when socializing every morning…the BREATH ISSUE…In the morning I use the oil pulling method (with coconut oil) to remove toxins from both my mouth and body and to create a fresh breath that is necessary when you meet and talk to many people so early in the morning. However, I have to be completely honest here and admit that this full coconut-buttery taste so early in the morning is not my cup of tea.. So, when I used the Mint + Myrrh Oil Swishing Serum from Living Libations I knew that problem was solved. Powerful botanicals including frankincense, myrrh, oregano, thyme, tea tree, and healing CoQ10, draw toxins from the mouth, refresh the oral cavity, and help with various oral conditions. Helped so much with my breath and I carry this in my working bag. Every time I feel not confident with my breath, a zip of this and problem is solved!!!

Delizioso soaps: amazing for skin and leave skin feeling super silky soft

Delizioso Skincare - Coconut Milk SoapsHave a shower with the Delizioso soaps (try not to eat them!!! Seriously….they do smell like candy and leave skin sooooo smooth!!! Baby soft!!!! And they last FOREVER…and don’t forget to do your soap a favor and get the soaplift…this “soap savor” is made of bioplastic that allows water to drain and air to circulate and protects your soap. I have so many things to write about Delizioso godsend soaps but I leave it here for now..till next time;) ), pamper your face and body with botanical oils, wear your pijamas, hug your dog (or cat.. or both ?) and enjoy the moment while watching the fist autumn rain….full of love, your precious self will sing “Alleluia” in all its’ glory…you worth this…

∼ Eva


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