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5 Signs to prep your hair for the winter

Now more than ever, our hair is rapidly losing moisture and its growth is stunted – all because of the colder air! This is why our hair goals for this harsh season are prioritizing moisture and giving extra protection for our hair and scalp. Among the multiple ways you can try to salvage your hair, let’s work through the essential successful habits you must have for your hair to survive and thrive during the cold dry winter.

Forest Bathing 101: What is it and the 6 benefits for your body

Viewing nature as mandatory medicine is still largely a foreign concept. However, feeling good doesn’t seem to be enough of a reason to spend time outdoors anymore.

As humans with ever increasing busy lives, it seems we now need scientific evidence to support the necessity of going into nature. It needs to be seen as mandatory as brushing our teeth to encourage us to schedule it in.

About Beyuna – The lifestyle company from Inside Out and Outside In

Based on our mission, we give a new dimension to healthy living. Beyuna’s nutritional supplements provide the human body with precisely those additional nutrients that contribute to a healthy life for all consumers. According to our philosophy and experience, all body cells need nutrients to function optimally. Beyuna is leading when it comes to the composition of healthy products. Just like healthy food, the food supplements of Beyuna supports your healthy, personal lifestyle from ‘Inside Out’.

Ingredient sourcing in the Amazon Rainforest

When I was in elementary school we had an assembly about the Amazon rainforest. We learned it was being destroyed for timber, but that it was essential to our survival and the survival of the native species. I remember we were asked to sell something to raise money to buy acreage in the rainforest, and I had a t-shirt that said Save the Rainforest with a colorful macaw on it, which I wore far too often. I was so proud of however many acres I personally helped to ‘save’. That was honestly a big turning point for me as a child, and helped solidify my path towards environmental stewardship for the rest of my life.

Optimal health with the proper nutrients

Beyuna has been created to help people with healthy living. We provide high-quality products that motivate people to take more responsibility for a healthy life. Feeling healthy means that you, as a human being, can function in a state of physical and mental well-being for yourself and society.