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The beauty benefits of Dark Chocolate

Do you remember how everyone keeps telling you to include more veggies in your diet and exclude sweet treats for a healthy and glowing skin? Yes, you don’t have to listen to them anymore!! We are not asking you to completely ditch the green vegetables but eating dark chocolate can give you some amazing beauty rewards that can make your skin glow from inside out.

(Recipe) Tagliatelle with Asparagus & Peas

This tagliatelle recipe is ideal for this time of year, when spears of asparagus are slim and tender and cool days are still mixed in with the warm ones. The chewy tagliatelle pasta ribbons and a light cashew cream sauce make it hearty and comforting, while spring veggies, lemon, and an abundance of herbs make it super fresh and bright.

Routines to Care for and Relax the little ones at home

For the little ones, these days are almost more complicated than for us. Not understanding what is happening and not being able to go outside may make them more restless and nervous than usual.
Bath time is an opportunity for them to relax, to slow down their heartbeat and to loosen up. Our range for children and babies has been developed with active ingredients such as Hypericum extract and citrus essential oils that protect their skin with aromatherapy properties that help them feel happy and relaxed.

Beauty Truth – How to Find the best Lipstick Color for Every Skin Tone

It seems like it should be an easy task to simply go to the store and pick out a lipstick shade, but the fact is, it can be a completely daunting task!

Despite the fact that you may love a bold, beautiful magenta, your skin tone may not be completely complementary to it. It doesn’t mean you can’t ever wear a shade of magenta, it just means you need to adjust the hue to match your skin’s undertone.

The Ethics of Unadorned Essentials

If you have enjoyed the sweet aroma of the rose, the invigorating scent of peppermint, or the verdancy of coriander, then you know essential oils. Essential oils are a liquid concentrate of the unadorned aromatic molecules of a plant. These oils have the distinctive aroma and flavor of the plant of origin. This nourishing liquid enthusiastically absorbs through the membrane of our skin to bless mood, mind, and body. Sincere, generous, and immeasurable plant life!

How Tap Water Can Trigger Disruptive Skin Conditions

Your tap water could be the reason for your chronic skin condition – I have worked with many people over the years on their hair and skin issues and when a customer or client is struggling to determine the root cause of chronic acne, severe dry skin, rosacea inflammation and/or extreme sensitivity and/or dull, dry, brittle damaged hair conditions and we have seemingly addressed all other aspects necessary for optimum skin health including diet, stress, exercise/circulation, allergens, and lymph health – I request they stop using tap water to cleanse their skin, and switch to Oil Cleansing without water – meaning not massaging tap water onto skin for removal of oil cleanser and not removing the oil with tap water-soaked washcloth – using a dry cloth.

(Recipe) Koek & Zopie

Whenever there is a potential freeze in the Netherlands, everyone thinks of pea soup. Ice skating and pea soup go hand in hand. A good skating tour should be accompanied by a good “koek en zopie” and that means hot chocolate milk and “erwtensoep” (pea soup). When the weather starts to freeze, everybody keeps their fingers crossed for natural ice. Ice skating is one of the most beautiful Dutch traditions!

What your Lips & Eyes are giving Away about your age

Despite growth and the ageing process being a natural and rather remarkable experience, it can leave many of us feeling conscious of the way it appears on us physically. So, the more we notice the deepening of the creases around our eyes, and the loss of moisture and volume in our lips – our confidence can too lose the vigour it once had.

Why are Esterified Oils Useless in Cosmetics?

In this series devoted to oils as an essential cosmetic ingredient, we have seen that the most common oils used in our creams are of petrochemical origin.
There are two other types of oils that are of natural or partially natural origin and that have undergone a change in their chemical structure: esterified oils and hydrogenated oils. Here we will discuss esterified oils, which are widely used in cosmetics as an alternative to natural vegetable oils.