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“Every product I craft is a melody, a love song expressing my passion, a whisper telling my story, a magical potion bringing to you my Spanish Alchemy.”

Sonia x

Spanish Alchemy means perfumery. It is based on an ancient botanical wisdom that went beyond beauty and treated people holistically with a captivating fragrant potion.

This alchemical perfumery is at the core of Sonia Orts’s products.

The alchemical scents (alchemical synergies) are the strongest active ingredient within each product. Sonia’s aim is to bring this ancient wisdom to modern life using the finest quality organic ingredients to deliver the highest effectiveness for you.

‘To me a perfume always tells a story, whether it triggers a memory or creates a new one. When I create a new scent I like to see it as an open book where I start writing a story and you create the rest. Every single fragrance contains an endless number of books, an infinite number of stories.

My dream has always been to turn my passion for Spanish alchemical perfumery into a business and to share its beautiful philosophy with you’.

Sonia Orts botanical alchemy was born to deliver benefits beyond beauty.

Her holistic formulations are designed to treat your body, mind and soul. They have created an alchemical collection by using sophisticated processes that optimise the outcome exponentially. Sonia uses potent botanicals to help you regain your flawless skin from inside out and retrieve your younger vibrant self.  

I craft slow made(*) products: an expression of passion and love that follow the natural rhythms connected to the universe and require a precise time for their creation. Every ingredient used in my holistic formulations has a therapeutic purpose, thus it is an “active” ingredient. I truly believe that quality never goes out of style and it is long remembered.

(*) The Slow Movement is a term describing a wide range of efforts taking place around the world that seek to connect us more meaningfully with others, with place, and with ourselves.


Sonia Orts botanical alchemy philosophy is synonym of purity, musicality,  sustainability, and green beauty.

I only create alchemical scents with pure essential oils. Every plant has a vital force with an energetic charge that is unique and inimitable. Only an essential oil that preserves its purity and is extracted by the right method keeps that energetic charge.  An essential oil is a living product, it evolves otherwise the transformation it produces wouldn’t be possible. Therefore to make the right choice it is vital to understand and know the process used for its extraction beyond its organic certification.

I craft by following alchemic and slow making processes as if I was creating music: selecting and combining individual notes to produce a melody. A slow making method that involves days of observation, testing, and tuning to harmonise the blend of several individual ingredients to transform it into a new creation with its proper musicality. My signature scents will delight the most exquisite of perfumer’s noses. 

I create only green beauty products, which means they are not tested on animals, contain no nasties (are toxin free, chemical free, non GMO etc…). I use only high quality petals, leaves, butters, oils, fruits and purified Australian water. I am profoundly committed to bringing sustainable products with environmental mindfulness. Therefore I keep the packaging of my products to a minimum. We need to stop the yearly deforestation of 80.000 acres of rainforest. In fact, 1.9 million tonnes of packaging waste produces the same amount of greenhouse gas as 860,000 cars. These are the reasons why I use recycled, recyclable and re-usable packaging. Recycling is fantastic, reducing waste is even better.

Reusable Packaging

  • Sustainability is at the core of all my creations; therefore I use reusable packaging for all my products. Recycling is fantastic but reusing is even better! Let me give you some inspiration about how you can reuse my packaging:
  • The Alchemic Perfume rigid box is a stylish container ideal for storing pencils, makeup pencils and/or brushes.
  • The Alchemical Facial Protocol packaging is a gift box with a magnetic ‘closure’; a classic and elegant look, ideal for packaging high value items and for tidying your drawers, or to gift someone with fine wine or a delicate garment.
  • The versatile unbleached cotton calico bags are ideal for almost anything: to carry makeup and other feminine stuff in your bag, to keep your special jewels, to fill with potpourri and scent with natural essential oils for your drawers/wardrobes or to infuse our beautiful Bath Teas. Simply perfect for anything that needs to be wrapped with love.
  • Recyclable plastic jars and glass jars can be reused to store powders or other little thingies: spices, clay, loose teas, clothes buttons, pins, staples, clips and any other small accessories.
Sonia Orts - Beauty Blends 1

”​What I’m doing today is the result of a long journey that started more than 20 years ago. It is the fruit of years of research, experience, travels, studies and practice resulting in a perfected expertise.”

My experience

Although I’ve been working as a financial consultant for big corporations for 14 years, my deepest dream has always been to bring my family tradition, alchemic potions and lotions to others. For centuries Spanish Alchemy has flowed within the women of my family, but I didn’t unveil the secrets until I was in my late 20’s. 

​I have always been Mademoiselle Perfume ? My childhood was scented by the joy flowers’ perfume brought to my heart and as a teenager and in my early twenties my favourite hobby was to guess the perfume that others wore. I never repeated buying the same perfume as there were too many new scents to be discovered, too many stories to be unveiled. Seventeen years ago someone said to me: “Once you switch to natural scents there’s no way back, your nose will tell you”. I thought that for a perfume lover and a not-without-my-perfume person like me that was too big a statement. After several months working with pure essential oils and educating my nose to the alchemical perfumery a conventional perfume (and a very fine one) hit my nose and it felt like a punch. She was right; after natural, there’s no way back. Your body, your brain, your olfactory cells will tell you. And by the way, since then, people ask me more frequently which perfume I’m wearing that smells divine. 

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