5 Tips to Prevent Split Ends

Loving the Fall weather but not the frigid winds? Your hair definitely feels the same – it’s time to prevent split ends from making their grand entrance during the coming cold seasons! Split ends are when your hair tips split into two separate strands, caused by their weakened protective layer since this is actually the oldest part of your hair. Many factors contribute to this occasion, such as chemical processing (coloring, perms), heat treatments (blow dryers, straighteners), friction from excessive brushing and rough pillowcases, and even the weather. If you’re checking your hair now and found some split ends, your best bet is to immediately trim them off! Today, we’ll see what you can do moving forward to make sure your hair ends stay intact as they grow.

5 tips to prevent
Split ends


1. Detangle

Wet or dry, your tangled hair makes it impossible to work with, but excessive brushing is not doing you any favours either. Be sure to use a wide-tooth comb to glide through your hair strands without damaging or breaking your hair.

2. Moisturize + Hydrate

Nourishing your hair keeps it strong, smooth, and intact. With this, consider a weekly or daily hair mask/treat into your routine! The concentration in hair masks or oils are much more beneficial for your hair health long-term than the quick conditioner. Key ingredients to look out for in these helpful fixes are concentrated oils such as Argan oil, one of many found in our ‘liquid gold’ Herbal Hair Mask to ensure shine and silk! It also includes strong key ingredients such as Horsetail with silica content for strengthening weak hairs, and Brahmi for directly countering split ends and breakage by coating your hair with a protective layer. As a package deal, the Slippery Elm Bark and Marshmallow Root in this mask works to smooth out and detangle your hair as well, conquering two problems in one. Don’t be shy diving into your first hair mask, invest in your hair integrity and longevity!


3. Gentle Post-Wash Care

Do you rub your hair dry with your towel? Try blotting or patting it down instead to avoid breaking your strands or making it frizzy! 

4. Avoid Friction

Just like the towel, avoid using friction on your hair in any capacity. One thing to definitely consider – your pillowcase can be your hair’s enemy! Most materials rub against your hair, drying it out and breaking it over time as you sleep. Trade yours out for silk or satin (or wear a silk cap!), allowing your hair to glide on a smooth surface. 

5. Avoid Heat

Moisture is your hair’s best friend, so temperature in any extreme definitely isn’t. Turn down the heat – if not avoid it entirely – when it comes to styling or even the weather! If it’s unavoidable in your routine, alternative measures you can take are heat protectant products to lock in moisture as much as possible. A notable mention for a powerful heat-resisting ingredient is Grape Seed Oil, known for reflecting UV rays, which can be found in our Rose Hair Elixir. This little product containing over 15 organic oils, such as Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil and Black Cumin Seed Oil, works to provide and lock in moisture for every hair strand. Over time, your hair will strengthen and lengthen, and split ends will be no more!


If your split ends are overwhelming you, it’s never too late to incorporate these tips into your routine! Be sure to cut your losses first as trimming your existing split ends is the beginning step to your better hair care journey. Emphasize on maintaining your hair’s moisture and you’ll be sure to see those split ends less and less! If you’re a beginner to hair masks and hair treatments, a simple hair oil can ease you into the process as you keep an eye out for those key ingredients. Whether your choice is a weekly or daily treatment, alongside your improved hair habits, be sure to stick to it so you can witness the results of your hair’s improved smoothness and quality.

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