Truth about Fats – Yes, fat is back and here to stay!

Truth About Fats

Yes, fat is back and here to stay!

Now and then, discoveries and re-discoveries pop up about food and health. As the world keeps moving forward, we need to keep ourselves updated so that we are not left alone in the dark.

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The Truth

For over 200.000 years, humankind was eating mainly fat for fuel. We actually just started consuming sugar or other carbohydrates 300 years ago, still in small amounts. However, in the last fifty years, sugar consumption has been pushed through the roof. After 1955, it got completely out of hand. American scientist Ancel Benjamin Keys published a study, which later became known as the Seven Countries Study, about the influence of cholesterol on heart diseases. This resulted in the American government promoting a low-fat diet.

Food companies responded to this trend. Products high in fat were replaced with sugar, beginning the transformation of fat into the Big Bad Wolf worldwide. However, in that same period, there was a man who tried to warn us about sugar. John Yudkin, a British professor, wrote the book ¨Pure White and Deadly’’ in 1972 in which he warned us about the dangers of sugar. Instead of blaming fat, Yudkin claimed there was a much clearer relationship between the rise of heart disease and the rise of consumption of sugar. However, Yudkin’s findings could disrupt a very profitable business, and that was not what the food industry wanted to hear.

When devising their low-fat products, manufacturers needed a fat substitute so that they could make the food taste less like sh*t. So, they turned to sugar, a lot of sugar. Also, the camp of ‘anti-fat scientists’ didn’t show the slightest bit of interest in questioning the fat theory. Fast forward to now. The results are supermarket shelves filled with low and reduced-fat foods packed with loads of sugar, preservatives, and almost zero nutrients.

So, who has been the devil all along? Definitely not good fats. It’s all the sugars and processed crap we’ve been given as a replacement for natural fats that had nothing to do with heart disease or weight gain. In 2009, professor Robert Lustig gave a lecture called Sugar: The Bitter Truth. Instead of blaming fat, he agreed on Yudkin’s beliefs that there is a much clearer correlation  between the rise of heart disease and consumption of sugar than of fat. 

If you want to read the full story on how the top nutrition scientists got it so wrong for so long, we recommend reading the following article: The Sugar Conspiracy.

Now, time’s up!

At Funky Fat Foods, we believe this is the right approach. We’ve been sacrificing our health in the name of non-accurate, dubious studies, mostly for the benefit of the food industry. As millenniums, our ancestors were devoted to eating fat, the most precious ingredient in food. Finally, we can decide how we eat and live our awesome lives.

Let’s end this nonsense that fat is bad and kick-start a better and funky fat life, shall we?


The Fat Heroes

Let’s meet the real heroes, the ones that deserve all the praise: the good, the amazing, the healthy fats. Real and healthy fats come directly from nature. These good fats, we call them the Funky Fats, can be broken down into two main categories: saturated fats and unsaturated fats.

Saturated Fat includes ingredients like grass-fed butter, meats, coconut and MCT oil, cacao, and dairy products. 
Unsaturated Fats can include foods like olive oil, avocado, olives, nuts, seeds, and fish. 

Recent (and reliable) research shows that daily doses of a variety of healthy fats are effective in reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and inflammation while supporting your immune system, mood, energy, skin, brain health, and more. Read more about it on Credit Suisse research report – Fat the new health paradigm.

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The Fat Villains

But wait, before you’re ready to live a fat life, beware. Not everything that is named fat is the right fat. There’s also dirt in disguise. The human-made fats, aka those that do not surge in nature without human intervention, are the so-called bad guys. In summary, harmful fats that can contribute to bad health are trans-fat, the fat villains. Then, there are butter replacements like margarine and highly refined, processed vegetable oils, such as peanut, corn and soy oil. Another example of fat we should avoid comes from commercially raised animals. It is filled with hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives. Remember, when it comes to food: keep it real

Our Funky Fat Products are loaded with healthy fats ethically and 100% sourced from mother nature.

They’re here to save the day by:

• Giving a great feeling of satisfaction that will keep you away from searching the fridge (no more emptiness and sugar cravings).
• Bringing long-lasting energy to finish that to-do list and rock your workout like a champ.
• Helping stabilise blood sugar and pump ketone production to get your body in fat-burning mode.


Are you ready to embrace healthy fats and feel unstoppable?


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