Washing Your Curls

You can experiment with applying your CurlyEllie Gentle Shampoo on wet or dry hair.

The oiler the hair, the better it is to apply on dry hair and directly where the oiliness is more prevalent and is building up.

Wet hair and massage a small amount into your hands and apply to your wet curly hair.

  1. Use your fingers to finger comb along the length of the hair. This gently detangles your hair. Finger detangle as much as possible.

  2. Leave the main detangling to after the Nourishing Conditioner is applied.

  3. Rinse and re-apply if necessary.

Washing Your Curls

Conditioning Your Curls

You can sometimes skip the Shampooing and dive straight into the conditioning. This is especially useful if your hair is already clean and does not need to be cleansed.

  1. Massage about 2 handfuls of Nourishing Conditioner unto wet or damp curly hair.
  2. Finger comb it through the length so all the hair is coated.
  3. Leave on hair for 5 to 10 minutes. For damaged, coloured or very dry hair that need a bit more care, substitute this with the Intensive Mask. Leave for 30 minutes for deep treatment or overnight for extra dry/damaged hair.
  4. Rinse out – Once it’s all detangled, rinse upside down to encourage volume at the roots. Gently towel dry your hair and blot (don’t rub) your hair with the towel. Rubbing wet hair with a towel causes damage that leads to frizzy hair.

Afterwards, gently comb with a wide tooth comb or fingers to detangle. If really knotted, you could use a Brush but take care not to tug at the knots.

The Why – Top Tips for Washing and Conditioning your curls

All curls are unique, and there’s no one-step recipe for perfection. Different curl types require different care regimes, and it can take some testing to work out how best to care for your curls.

The key to your regime is simplicity. Any routine should be easy, simple and quick. The two cornerstones for my routine are:

  • Regular washing and conditioning
  • Regular moisturising and un-knotting

So.. what do I mean by regular washing and conditioning? And how?

First, lets start with the why ?

Shampooing and conditioning are processes that are often taken for granted in most healthy hair care regimes.

    • This is the foundation of any healthy hair care regime and should form part of your hair regime.
    • The shampoo and conditioner not only clean, they also support healthy hair growth and retention.
    • Regular shampoo and conditioning helps provide the hair with the moisture it requires because water is encouraged to bind with the hair shaft each time the hair is washed.
    • Chemicals, additives and perfumes in shampoos and conditioners can strip the hair of essential oils, alter the pH balance and cause irritation over time, so opt for pure and natural products.
    • How frequently you wash depends on your child’s hair: some hair types only need a weekly wash, some more frequently. Experiment until you find a frequency that works for you and your child.


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