The Gold Standard in Skincare

At KAHINA™ it begins with Argan Oil, also known as Morocco’s “Liquid Gold”. We carefully source our Argan Oil from high in the Anti-Atlas Mountains and closely monitor the harvesting and extraction process to ensure the highest quality oil, the protection of the argan forest, and the livelihood of the women who do the labor to collect and crack the nuts prior to cold-pressing.

Also lovingly sourced from Morocco are our pure Prickly Pear Seed Oil, Rose Damascena, Rhassoul Clay, Neroli and Blue Tansy.


But it doesn’t stop there, we source premiere ingredients from around the world, including Carrot Seed Oil from India, Calendula from Egypt, Helychrisum from France, Sea Buckthorn Seed from Lithuania, Sea Fennel from England, and Shea Butter from Uganda just to name a few. We go the extra mile to ensure the highest quality, often paying more than market rate for superior quality.

Also lovingly sourced from Morocco are our pure Prickly Pear Seed Oil, Rose Damascena, Rhassoul Clay, Neroli and Blue Tansy.

Each of our ingredients are sourced with an eye to environmental and social sustainability, using organic ingredients produced by small family farms and women’s cooperatives when possible, with your health and the health of the planet in mind.

These ingredients are crafted into certified natural and organic formulations by our experienced chemist and manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in the US. The result is effective and luxurious skincare that shines above the rest.

Ingredient Spotlight:

Carrot Seed Oil

also known as “Queen Anne’s Lace,” is derived from seeds of wild carrots — a root plant with white lacy flowers.

To obtain the oil for use in our products, the seeds are dried, and the oil is extracted by steam distillation.

Today, the plant can be found in many parts of the world, but it originated in Europe, Asia, and of course, North Africa. When used in skincare, Carrot Seed Oil is incredibly nourishing, and packed with Vitamins A, C, B1 and B2. It’s mostly used in products for its age-defying benefits — this powerhouse ingredient can not only help to repair damage from free radicals, but it can also protect skin from future damage.

It has also been shown to reduce wrinkles, fade pigmentation and even skin tone, and promote circulation.

For blemish-prone skin, Carrot Seed Oil acts as an antiseptic, and helps fight inflammation. This yummy, skin-loving ingredient can be found in our Serum, Lip and Face Balm, Oil Cleanser, and our FEZ Hand and Body Balm. 

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