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What does frequent sanitization do to our hands?

Codex Beauty labs
Codex Beauty labs

What does frequent sanitization do to our hands?

In an effort to stay safe during these trying times, we find ourselves constantly sanitizing our hands with alcohol-based, antimicrobial products without realizing the impact they have on our hands. The alcohol in these products is meant to facilitate rapid drying of the product from the surface of the hands. Unfortunately, this rapid drying feature also leaves one’s skin extremely dehydrated causing it to crack, flake and feel itchy. This is especially troublesome for those with sensitive skin that is naturally prone to excessive dryness.  Worse yet, while hand sanitizers are indeed very effective at killing  pathogenic bacteria like Covid-19 that may be present on the skin surface, they also indiscriminately kill any good bacteria they come in contact with which throws the skin’s microbiome out of balance with. Moreover, the skin microbiome relies on sebum, naturally produced by the skin, as a food source to keep it nourished and functioning properly. Hence, the added problem with repeated sanitizer use is that the alcohol removes this nourishing and protective sebum, thereby greatly enhancing the likelihood that the skin barrier will become damaged which can lead to painful cracking and, in a worst case scenario, the development of an eczema-like rash.

In order to avoid these types of skin issues and their attendant discomfort, you need to use products that absorb quickly, moisturize effectively and protect or even restore the skin barrier and natural microbiome.  This is where Codex Beauty’s Bia Skin Superfood can help.

How do we know that Superfood is the Solution? 

Based on our extensive product efficacy testing, we know that our Skin Superfood can provide comfort and protection. Our efficacy trials have shown that: after 28 days of use it provided a 42.5% hydration increase in 90% of subjects tested, a highly significant improvement in skin barrier function as evidenced by a 13.4% reduction in trans-epidermal water-loss in 77% of subjects tested, and a 40.5% decrease in skin flakiness in 100% of subjects.

All Codex products use a patented food-grade, micro-biome-supporting preservation system that includes a pro-biotic, a humectant and an emollient, so that by applying Skin Superfood on one’s hands after repeated use of hand sanitizers will minimize damage to the skin microbiome leaving your hands happy, healthy and well nourished.  It’s also worth noting that Skin Superfood is MyMicrobiome certified.

Why is Superfood the Solution?

The patented BiaComplex in the Skin Superfood is responsible for these results.    BiaComplex is made of macerated oil infusions of calendula, immortelle and comfrey that are mixed with water infusions of heartsease and mallow. Each of these plant extracts provides a specific function:

Immortelle keeps the skin covered with a protective film to trap in moisture;

Comfrey has keratolytic properties that help shed the drier, outer layers of the epidermis;

Heartsease contains polysaccharides that boost the skin’s capacity to retain water by improving osmotic function;

Marsh mallow helps moisturize and protect the skin;

Calendula provides soothing for dry, cracked or itchy skin.

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