Yoni Eggs


An increase in vigor and energy.

Set of 3 rose quartz Yoni eggs from beginner to advanced. The dimensions of the eggs are as follows: Large: 45mm x 30mm, Medium :40mm x 25mm and Small: 30 x 20cm. This makes the set suitable for everyone.

Yoni egg exercises are frequently used to develop pelvic floor muscle awareness and control. After all, specialists claim that the yoni energy can be sensed strongly there. Your pelvis serves as the source of your life force and promotes happiness. But an egg can still help you even if your job has nothing to do with energy. This is due to the fact that your pelvis carries your body, making the comparison to a bowl common. You walk upright as a result of your pelvis, both literally and symbolically! It can therefore hold your personal strength emotionally and spiritually in addition to being a physical center of power.

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