Phoenix: A mid-life Woman’s Formula (RDT)

The Phoenix is a legendary bird that appears out of ashes in Greek mythology.

I witnessed my mother’s dramatic menopausal changes as an 8-year-old boy.
I started down my path as a healer because I wanted to know what had happened to her.
Since then, I’ve discovered some wonderful things and seen firsthand how our society disregarded the health requirements of women in their middle years.

I’m happy to have realized that a woman’s life does not end with menopause.
In reality, the opposite may be true; women who are in their mid- to late-life years enter a time in which their power is reinforced and balanced in ways that younger people ought to be in awe of… I could write a lengthier dissertation on this topic, and Healing Thresholds, my first book, contains more information (you may find used copied online, and I hope to print more copies soon).

Simply put, women who have passed menopause enter a stage of life in which the levels of the hormones progesterone and androgen are more evenly distributed. As a result, they become independent individuals, more assertive and outspoken, and our authoritarian figures. In my opinion, post-menopausal women ought to be our political leaders.

However, our midlife ladies can benefit from taking supplements to support their bone health, female hormones, and a few other necessities.

My most widely used formula is PHOENIX. It contains Dioscorea, a wild yam that aids post-ovulatory women in maintaining higher progesterone levels. This master hormone is in charge of producing and controlling estrogen; through promoting healthy progesterone, estrogen requirements are met. Own estrogens must fully saturate cellular receptor sites in order to protect women’s health by discouraging the entry of dangerous estrogen-impersonating molecules.

Eucommia bark, a bone-strengthening plant, is also included since it is crucial because postmenopausal women who are stressed out can develop osteoporosis.

PHOENIX is completed with Reishi, Rehmannia, Morinda, and Schizandra, which assist women’s emotional and spiritual requirements while also supplying energy, toning the muscles, and having anti-aging properties.

PHOENIX can help women transitioning towards premenopause move into a new period of self-empowerment and purpose.

Visit mycategory here to see it and other formulas.


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