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North Atlantic & wild caught from sustainable fishing in the north atlantic

The skin of the large Arctic cod, which is caught off the coast of Northern North, is used to make our collagen. Away from aquaculture, GMO feed, antibiotics, and hormones, it has lived naturally in the frigid, crystal-clear, and nutrient-rich water. As a result, it ranks as one of the best components ever.

The exquisite fish have been fished by the Norwegians for years while maintaining respect for the stock and the ocean. As a result, Norway currently has the world’s largest and most sustainable cod stock. From Seagarden, a Norwegian manufacturer based on Karm in southwest Norway, we obtain our marine collagen. Together, we give something that is typically useless worth. We are promoting more environmentally friendly use.

Our skin is mostly made of the protein collagen. Collagen makes up as much as 80% of the skin. Type I collagen makes up the majority.

The collagen in our skin

Natural proteins like collagen can be found in things like cartilage, tendons, muscles, bones, hair, skin, and nails. The protein is also known as “body glue” since it serves as the basis for all of the connections within the body. Depending on the many forms of connective tissue in the body, there are many distinct types of collagen. Collagen makes up up to 80% of the skin, most of it type I collagen, which serves to hold the skin firmly and elastically and bind moisture.
From the age of 25, the body’s collagen production has already begun to decline. Many people discover that their skin dries up and loses its flexibility as they age. We experience it in our joints and muscles, and it causes fine lines and wrinkles.
The synthesis of collagen can be improved with a healthy lifestyle and collagen supplements, which will increase the skin’s hydration and resilience.

How to Support Your Natural Collagen Production

The body’s own collagen production is influenced by many factors besides just age.
Additionally, high sugar intake, smoking, alcohol, the sun’s rays, autoimmune illnesses, stress, and a diet low in nutrients can all have a negative impact on the body’s collagen levels.

The optimum conditions for maintaining healthy skin, strong nails, and full hair are created by eating a balanced diet, staying physically fit, applying sunscreen, and avoiding alcohol and cigarettes.

Obtaining the essential amino acids that the body need in order to create collagen is also crucial. These amino acids must be obtained through the food in the form of dairy products, eggs, meat, fish, and beans because the body cannot even produce them. A collagen supplement that has a lot of the necessary amino acids is another option.


Eat yourself beautiful

Why Collagen?

A daily intake of collagen can have a good effect on the skin’s resilience and elasticity – and thus on wrinkles and fine lines. It’s one of the greatest and most promising beauty of the time-Products. Sometimes you just have to give the word to those who know our product from the inside. Read on here and learn about the many good reasons to take our collagen.

Hydrolyzed Peptides

Essential Amino Acids

All 20 amino acids are present in our marine collagen, including the 9 essential amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own and must be obtained through diet.

The protein in our marine collagen, which is a wholly natural product, is hydrolyzed to create tiny collagen peptides.
The molecular weight of the peptides is 3 kDa; the fewer the peptides, the better the body will absorb them.
The amino acids that are formed when the peptides are taken by the body are used by the body to build collagen.

Beauty of the pure sea

Cod without heavy metals

The production of Vild Nord goods in Denmark and Norway is governed by European food law, which includes the maximum allowable levels of cadmium, mercury, and lead in fish products.

Since cod is not a larger predatory fish where heavy metals might concentrate, we have chosen it as our collagen source. Large North Atlantic cod have also been seen roaming freely in the pristine, unpolluted barent sea. Since the collagen is examined by outside parties, we can be certain that the product does not exceed the the limit values.

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