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Many people are choosing natural personal care products these days. Natural shampoo is obviously part of that. In this blog post more about what natural shampoo is and, among other things, more about why it is so much better for you and also for the environment.


Natural shampoo

Natural shampoo, what does that really mean? Why are natural shampoos good for your hair? Are there natural shampoos for colored hair? Which shampoo is good for an oily or sensitive scalp? These are questions that many people have, which is why I thought it would be fun to make a blog post about them.

What is natural shampoo

A shampoo with all natural, biodegradable ingredients is a natural shampoo. You could leave the shampoo in nature like that, so to speak, and it would not be harmful. Obviously, a natural shampoo contains only natural ingredients.

Natural shampoos and organic shampoos are becoming more and more popular. This is because many people have become increasingly environmentally conscious. The earth is having a pretty hard time at the moment, and if we ourselves as consumers can help the earth just a little bit we will.

Because there is no unnatural junk in natural shampoos, these shampoos are also much gentler on your hair. For example, there are no silicones and parabens in them either. Now silicones are not necessarily bad, as there are also silicones that are soluble in water, of course. Still, a product with no silicones at all is always better. The less junk, the more natural the product.

What makes a shampoo unnatural?

So a natural shampoo is one that does not contain unnecessary “junk”. Silicones and parabens are good examples. These are added to a shampoo to make the product last longer (parabens), and to put a ‘layer’ on your hair (silicones). Your hair then indeed appears less frizzy but you put an unnatural ingredient in your hair, and therefore the shine you see is no longer natural.

Sulfates are also additives to shampoos that are not very good for your hair. Certainly Sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate are a good example of this. SLS and SLES are the best known sulfates. Sulfates cleanse your hair thoroughly, but usually this is too thoroughly. These sulfates dry out your hair, which damages it.

Sulfates are very aggressive to your hair and also remove the good oils that your hair contains. This makes your hair dry. Sulfates can also cause you to get dandruff or an irritated scalp, and of course no one wants that.

However, you can choose to look for a shampoo with mild sulfates. These sulfates are less aggressive to your hair. Sodium coco sulfate is a good example of this (SCS). These sulfates gently cleanse your hair and scalp, and do not make it dry.

helemaal shea

Natural shampoo contains no plastic

It actually makes perfect sense, a natural product should not contain plastic or other junk. When you wash your hair with a shampoo, most of it disappears down the drain during rinsing. If your shampoo contains silicones and parabens, they also end up in the water you wash away. This is harmful to the environment.

If you wash your hair with a natural shampoo, you don’t have to worry about that. You are not only protecting your own hair, but also nature. All ingredients are then biodegradable and you can safely rinse away.

Organic shampoo

Organic shampoo is really just a natural shampoo. Without sulfates, silicones and parabens. Organic shampoo contains only natural ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, olive oil and many more.

By choosing an organic shampoo bar, you automatically choose natural care for your hair. Organic shampoos are therefore the natural hair care that cleans your hair well, but ensures that your hair retains its own natural oils.

Our shampoos contain essential oils as “perfumes”. Essential oils are a natural fragrance for hair and skin care products, among other things. A very popular scent is lavender. Lavender essential oil is made from the flowers of the lavender bush.


Natural shampoo for every hair type

It is nice if you can find a suitable (organic) shampoo bar for your hair. There are all kinds of hair types and I have listed the most common ones below.

Normal Hair

Normal hair is actually weird to say because every hair is normal hair in the end. In any case, by normal hair type I mean just hair that does not necessarily have a distinct characteristic or problem such as dry or oily hair, or when you suffer from dandruff for example. For example, the Monoi de Tahiti hair soap is a very suitable product to wash your hair with, whether you have dry hair or damaged hair, this shampoo is always a good choice.

Dry Hair

Dry hair and/or a dry scalp is never nice to have. A shampoo that gives your hair the extra care it needs is very nice to use. A natural shampoo offers a real solution.

Using a natural shampoo bar gives your hair the chance to regain the natural oils in your hair, making it healthy and shiny again. A dry scalp is often also a thing of the past after this. Shampoo bar for dry hair is a great example of a shampoo for dry hair.

Oily hair

Oily hair is very annoying to have because it looks somewhat “dirty”. It doesn’t feel nice and it also often looks flat and sleek.

You often get oily hair when your scalp produces excess sebum. Hormones, stress or improper nutrition cause sebum production to go haywire. Fortunately, shampoos have been created to address this problem.

A shampoo bar against oily hair often contains ingredients that restore volume and strengthen the hair, making it less likely to become oily. Nettle oil, chamomile oil, and birch essential oils thoroughly cleanse the hair and make it a little stronger again. You do retain shine in your hair, but the grease is removed from your hair after washing with products for oily hair.

Colored hair

If you have colored your hair, you would like your color to be preserved. For example, if you have dyed your hair blonder, then a shampoo with lemon and lime essential oils is fine to use. This shampoo removes the yellow glow from your hair and gives the blonde in your hair an extra chance to shine beautifully again.

Shampoos for brown hair often have coffee added. This is because coffee can make your brown locks shine. Caffeine is also very good against hair loss. So for brown colored hair, a shampoo with coffee in it is ideal.

Sensitive scalp

If you suffer from a sensitive scalp, then a soap or product for your hair with, for example, tea tree essential oil in it can help. This shampoo cleans your hair, but is very gentle on your scalp, as well as the skin of your body.

There are many other products and ingredients that protect your scalp. The ideal shampoo is therefore sometimes still a bit difficult to find. Chamomile and aloe vera are also two examples of mild ingredients that are gentle on your skin and hair, and thus certainly on your scalp as well. Aloe Vera soap is always a safe choice. This hair soap is also fragrance-free (essential oil).

Anti-dandruff shampoo

If you suffer from dandruff, an anti-dandruff shampoo is what your hair needs. A shampoo bar with hemp seed oil and nettle can be very helpful if you suffer from dandruff or a scalp that is somewhat dry. Helemaal Shea has as anti dandruff products the Nettle & Rosemary hair soap, as well as the Aloe Vera hair soap, and the Cucumber & Lime hair soap. All our hair soaps do not dry out your scalp, and instead are extra nourishing and provide good care for your hair and skin.

Weak and dull hair

A shampoo bar with an ingredient such as epsom salt adds volume to your hair. It makes your hair a little fuller and stronger. Sea salt has the same effect. Just think of that full beach look you have after swimming in the sea 🙂 Try the Wakamé & Sea Salt hair soap, this hair soap gives your hair back some volume.

Curly hair

Curly hair is really quite specific in terms of care. There are many products and methods to properly care for your curls. A natural shampoo is always a good idea for people with curly hair. You are less likely to get dry hair because these natural shampoos often contain ingredients that condition and moisturize the hair well. The Hemp & Hops is a fine soap for your hair that gives your curls the care they need.


Another product that is very widely used in caring for your hair are conditioners. If you want soft, easy to comb and shiny hair, I can definitely recommend using a conditioner after washing your hair with shampoo.

It can give dry hair some extra care, reducing frizz and making your hair shiny again. We have a suitable conditioner for every type of hair. More conditioners are coming, so there will soon be even more choices for everyone!

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