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The face mask is the undisputed Queen of skincare. There is nothing that makes you feel more like you are nourishing, enriching and spoiling yourself than a luxurious mask.

While the product may require twenty minutes to fully absorb into your skin, it fills your stress-free moment. After applying, it restores your skin and soul, since it relaxes you.

They are the perfect way to end a big week or relax before an event and they can turn any evening into a spa day without having to leave your own home.

VM Care has three new masks with specialized properties to help heal, soothe and rejuvenate your skin. We suggest incorporating masking into a relaxing and enjoyable routine with these easy tips to get the most out of your masking experience.


Prep your skin

First, make sure your face is clean with a warm towel and gentle soap or makeup remover. If you wear heavy makeup, give it a double cleanse.

Clean skin is better able to absorb the ingredients of a mask. Always use natural beauty products when you cleanse so that your skin is not filtering out toxic preservatives or covered in a smothering layer of mineral oil.

We recommend our creamy Rosemary & Jojoba Bead Exfoliating Cream Cleanser which gently exfoliates in a way that will allow for deeper penetration of the ingredients of any mask.

If your skin is feeling dull or a little bit rough, you may need a deeper exfoliation, and this is where you would use a targeting product like our Prebiotic + C Skin Polishing Exfoliator Powder, which works as both a physical and enzymatic exfoliator and also balances the microbiome of the skin.

Remember, if you are using a mask to soothe your skin after a powerful treatment like laser or skin needling, skip the exfoliation step as your skin will be too sensitive for this.

Choose the perfect mask

Masks should use targeted, powerful, and active ingredients to make a visible difference in your skin’s health. They should feed the skin and act as a natural moisturiser.

Choosing the right mask will mean reading the ingredients and deciding what will give your skin exactly what it needs at that moment.

VM have created three brand new sheet masks in our clean skincare range, each with unique skin care properties and all of them contain high-strength, certified organic ingredients.

If your skin is inflamed, irritated, has recently had a powerful treatment or suffers from psoriasis or eczema, then you need potent but very gently ingredients from nature to soothe and hydrate the dermal layers and reduce redness. This mask does exactly that.

Certified organic Green Tea Extract and Colloidal Silver are gentle skin-strengthening and firming agents while calming Calendula, Cucumber & Blue Tansy fight inflammation and irritation.

Combined with anti-redness heroes Pumpkin Seed, Australian Blue Cypress and Hemp Seed Oil, this mask helps relieve redness while cooling and soothing the skin.

It is ideal for sensitive skin.

This mask is all about glow!

Specifically formulated to actively brighten your skin and enhance luminosity it uses a potent blend of Bearberry, Kakadu Plum extract and Colloidal Copper.

A natural source of arbutin, Bearberry helps lighten and brighten the skin while powerful anti-inflammatory Australian native Emu Apple assists in photoprotection, anti-aging benefits and repairs skin.

Packed with more Vitamin C than an orange, Kakadu Plum firms the skin and helps fade dark spots and acne scarring, while Colloidal Copper supports collagen and elastin production and will help heal any skin traumas or breakouts.

This one isn’t suited for sensitive skin or skin that has recently been treated.

This mask’s entire focus is on plumping and regenerating your skin.

The star ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid, which helps to deliver powerful nutrients such as amino acids, beta carotene, fatty acids, and phytochemicals deep into the epidermal layer. Australian native ingredients Kangaroo Paw and Banksia provide photoprotection and encourage elasticity and suppleness.

The mask also contains Colloidal Silver which is commonly used for wound healing and has been shown to offer natural antimicrobial properties which may help with problematic skin and breakouts.

The mask serum is infused through a 100% cotton sheet mask that will gently protect your skin while the mask does its work.


Applying your mask

Before you open a sheet mask, use your fingertips to make sure the mask is covered by the serum. Tip the package up and down a few times. Open the bag and unfold the mask, smoothing it gently over your face and using your fingers to eliminate any folds or pockets. Settle back for 15-20 minutes before removing and gently pat the remaining serum into your skin.


Enchancing your mask

While the sheet mask is on your face, you might just want to relax and that is of course, completely fine. However, if a deep skin boost is your aim, then adding a facial massage is going to double your benefits.

You can gently smooth a vibrating wand, like our Vanessa Megan Beauty Vibe Micro-Vibration Wand, which stimulates facial muscles and helps to turn on collagen production, improves blood flow and skin elasticity and encourages your skin to absorb the ingredients of your mask.

After removing the mask, you can spritz the face with your favourite mist, like our Group 11 Active mist to allow mask ingredients to better penetrate the skin.

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