Introducing: Concentrated Boosting Elixirs

Skin is honestly one of our favorite things to discuss at Annmarie Skin Care. The variations, the permeability, the layers—there are so many pieces of this vital organ that make it continually fascinating. And one of the things we’ve run into is how to really and truly customize our products to be able to suit the skin types or skin concerns of the many, many people who love our products. Well, we’re excited to share with you the most perfect complement to your current skin care routine!

Introducing: Concentrated Boosting Elixirs

While we are proud of all of our products and are grateful to have such a broad line, this set of three boosting elixirs will absolutely change your skin and customize your routine to a much greater degree. This set includes three very concentrated, completely Made-Safe approved boosting elixirs: Hydrate, Brighten and Revitalize.

A deeper look at each Elixir…

  • Hydrate:  This boosting elixir is a concentrated concoction formulated with a high concentration of collagen peptides to restore and maintain a youthful and lifted appearance. Formulated with a boost of hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate the skin, this boosting elixir is ideal for any skin type.
  • Brighten: This vitamin C anchored boosting elixir is oil-based and exquisitely formulated to brighten the tone of the skin and even out your complexion’s appearance. Weaving in a staple ingredient of ours—sea buckthorn berry—a CO2-extracted, skin-rejuvenating superfood that boasts multiple vitamins (A, B, C, D, E) and powerful omegas, this brightening boosting elixir is a perfect boosting treatment to even the tone of and brighten skin.
  • Revitalize: A pride and joy product for Annmarie Skin Care, this product is the fruition of many requests for a Retinol product over the years. While we stayed far away from retinol or retinol variations due to the impact they have on health and the body, we found the most perfect natural, Made-Safe approved alternative. Our Revitalize boosting elixir includes a key component, Bioactive A-Complex, that works with the skin and provides the greatly desired retinol-like effects in a safe and organic way. We included another key component in this concentrated treatment—astaxanthin, infused into buriti fruit oil—in order to promote healthy, clear, vibrant-looking skin.

How to use (and what to expect)

These Concentrated Boosting Elixirs are impeccably designed to boost your serum or oil, however, not designed to be applied directly to the skin. They are simply too active, too intensely designed to be effectively used in this way.

However, we suggest using 1-3 drops of your boosting elixir mixed with your serum or oil in the palm of your hand. While you absolutely can use it with your oil, we suggest using it with your serum instead, as this product usually goes directly onto the skin as the most potent blend of targeted ingredients. You can mix one drop in for an incredible effect or three drops in for a maximum treatment. You are able to mix and match these as your skin calls for it, so go ahead and use 1 drop of the Hydrate with 2 drops of the Revitalize in your bedtime serum to a brightened and fresh and youthful appearance, or 2 drops of Hydrate in with 1 drop of the Brighten in your preferred serum for your daytime ritual. We highly recommend that you use our Revitalize in the evening, as it increases the skin’s sensitivity to the sun; and we absolutely recommend that you wear our Sun Love—Everyday Sheer Sunscreen in the mornings when using the Revitalize!

Because these boosting elixirs are so very concentrated, we suggested listening to your skin. If your skin is feeling more sensitive or uncomfortable in any way, consider giving your skin a break. If one of your boosting elixirs runs out before the others, use that time to prioritize using those remaining boosting elixirs.

What makes these Boosting Elixirs different…

Hydrate: Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen Peptides

Our Hydrate Concentrated Boosting Elixir features hyaluronic acid, which comes from a non-GMO vegetable source. This humectant holds 1000 times its weight in water and since it is a natural component of the skin, is readily absorbed—making it a super hydrator for dry, dehydrated skin. This boosting elixir also features collagen peptides, which may increase collagen production, plump and firm the skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Brighten: Vitamin C with Sea Buckthorn Berry

The vitamin C is a powerful skin brightener and a key ingredient in our Brighten Concentrated Boosting Elixir. Vitamin C can help improve the appearance of skin’s texture, tone, and clarity, all while being incredibly antioxidant-rich. Vitamin C is also a nutrition boost for dehydrated and aging skin. We included, in our Brighten Concentrated Boosting Elixir, our signature sea buckthorn berry, which is an antioxidant powerhouse that promotes the appearance of skin elasticity and acts to calm the skin.

Revitalize: Bioactive A Complex

We really hit the nail on the head with our Revitalize Concentrated Boosting Elixir, because we include in this one a very carefully chosen vitamin A alternative—our Bioactive A-Complex. This green algae-derived complex is a bioavailable complex (meaning synthesized easily by the body) and produces an array of fatty acids and lipids for the skin. This complex reduces signs of “inflammaging” and is designed specifically to address damaged skin and prevent the appearance of further damage.

We’ve had so many requests for a retinol option over the years, but intentionally chose to steer clear of traditional vitamin A derivatives. Traditional retinols, retinals, and retinoids can wreak havoc on the skin, creating massive imbalances with your skin’s surface pH and break down the functionality of your skin’s barrier over time and with prolonged use. Not only that, these can harmfully impact your internal body by potentially interfering with normal hormone production.

Our Bioactive A-Complex is an effective skin exfoliator while still being completely Made Safe approved.

Common Questions with the Concentrated Boosting Elixirs…

  1. Can I use them all at once? You can! Use no more than 3 drops of anything at a time, but you can mix, match, and customize to suit your skin’s needs! Use two drops of the Brighten with one drop of the Hydrate in your Anti-Aging Serum in the morning for a hydrating and brightening effect. Use a drop of the Revitalize with a drop of the Hydrate into your Wild Fruit Serum in the evening. There are so many ways to combine them!
  2. Will the Revitalize make my skin sensitive? This elixir is very potent and is best used at night for the reason that it may cause sensitivity while in the sun. Also, for this reason, we recommend using our Sun Love–Everyday Sheer Sunscreen in the mornings when using the Revitalize!
  3. Do I use them with my serum or my oil? You can use them with either! We lean towards mixing them into your serums, since those go right onto the skin and are designed to absorb and treat, but for some, an oil might be preferred!
  4. What if I go through one bottle before another? That’s definitely okay! We embrace the idea of creating space in your overall routine for your skin to rest. So if you’ve used up all of one bottle, use that time to finish off any unfinished boosting elixirs.
  5. How long will it last? These products will last approximately 2-3 months based on frequency of use and how many drops you decide to use per use. If you’re using these products at their maximum use per day–3 drops–each bottle will last you just over 60 days. 

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