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Transitioning to natural haircare doesn’t have to be a
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Resistant about switchting to natural haircare? You are not the only one. Even consumers who already use natural skincare have been slower to adapt to natural haircare formula’s. This is because the switch from conventional haircare to all natural haircare products has been tricky in the past. Common complaints have included shampoos not foaming or hair not feeling clean. Others have experienced brittle hair that was harder to detangle. These isseus often resolve themselves after a 3 till 4 week scalp & hair adjustment period, but for some people this has been too high a price to pay for healthier haircare. Luckily, the field of natural haircare ingredients has seen many developments recently, so swapping to natural haircare is not something that has to be such a headache anymore.


Why you should go for all natural haircare

Many of the so-called ‘clean or ‘green’ convential haircare products contain multiple ingredients that give short term texture improvements, but can over time irritate the scalp, weaken the hair and harm the environment. Sulfates is the ingredients those products include and which are used to cleanse and create foam, as well as silicones, siloxanes, polyquaterniums, and acrylates which are used to detangle, smooth, and artificially gloss over hair strands.

Sulfates have been linked to the deterioration of scalp health including itchiness, dryness, flakiness, and loss of hair density. Silicones, polyquaterniums and acrylates are poorly biodegradable and will over time accumulate in layers of build-up on the scalp and hair strands, suffocating the scaalp and wieghing down the hair. Just like when buying natural beauty products, it is important to check the ingredient list of natural shampoos and conditioners to make sure to avoid these undesired substances.

The latest green innovations in haircare?

NUORI has launched some new hair products. They replaced synthethic conditioning ingredients and sulfates with a new, plant-derived and COSMOS approved copolymer with high cationic charge. This 100% natural active ingredient derived from betaine (sugar beet) delivers excellent moisturization, smoothing and anti-frizz effect and improves the quality of the foam, which appears creamier, softer and shinier.

Vital shampoo is an all-natural sulfate-free shampoo with a generous foam and weightless moisture. Vital conditioner is enriched with plant-based antioxidants and silicone-free conditions agents, which means it moisturizes hair and eliminates frizz without buildup.

Tips for a natural haircare routine

We recommend using the shampoo twice during each wash, especially if your hair and scalp have a lot of buildup from styling products. The improvement will be cleansing results and you will see an even better foam on the second application from the base of the neck, moving upwards towards the crown of the head. Adding water during the lathering phase will aid the product spread evenly over the hair. Make sure to rinse the hair thoroughly to remove any excess product. Most hair types will see the best results when washing every 2 days.

When using a natural shampoo, your scalp will find its natural oil balance, and your hair will be naturally more conditioned as a result. Therefore, you will in most cases notice that you will need to use less conditioner than you did in the past. Apply natural conditioner to hair lenghts, and comb trough with a wide-toothed detangling comb. Then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

If you are not just a wash-&-go type consider replacing your synthetic styling products with an all-natural texturizing and protective spray. Here are some tips on how to use it, depending on your hair type:

For fine – straight hair:
Spray a small amount into your palms and then apply to towel-dried hair lenghts and comb through. This will give hair a smooth finish with just a little extra texture and fullness. If you want more texture, apply a little to palms and scrunch into dry hair.

Medium-thick / Wavy hair:
Spray a small amount into your palms and scrunch into towel dry hair lenghts. Comb through and blow-dry, or or let the hair air dry for a natural beachy wave.

Very thick or curly hair:
Spray it directly onto lengths, comb through, and let your hair air dry.

Scalp S.O.S.

If you are suffering from a very irritated, itchy, or flaky scalp we recommend switching to a specifically formulated scalp-care shampoo. Nuori’s shield shampoo is formulated as a skincare product – with scalp health in focus. The formula contains pomegranate and radish root fruit enzymes that gently exfoliate the scalp, remove build-up and prevent flakiness. Oat kernel extracts and betaine calm and hydrate the scalp so it can find it’s natural balance again.

The importance of brushing

Regular brushing with a high-quality boar bristle brush will help distribute the natural oils from the scalp along the hair strands. This is especially important when using all-natural haircare products because by restoring the scalp’s natural oil balance you are also helping to create hte optimal protection and conditioning of the hair strands. Additionally, brushing your hair stimulates the blood flow to the scalp, which helps bring more nutrients to fillicles to promote hair growth.


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