Different types of lipstick & when to use


Who doesn’t enjoy and love a great, new lippy?

We are completely enamored with the various solutions designed to maintain the beauty of your lips, from balms to glosses, stains to sticks. To help you navigate the world of expensive lip products and have a better understanding of what they do and when to use them, the RMS Beauty team put together this simple guide.

Join us as we examine five distinct lipstick categories to assist you determine which one you require right now.


1. Tinted balm

The first one on our list is likely the most hydrating but least pigmented lip product available.

Tinted lip balms help to moisturize your lips and give them a little color. They achieve this by applying hydrating ingredients to the lips and forming an occlusive barrier to stop moisture loss. With just a trace of color, tinted balms look well on bare skin or under heavy makeup, especially if the eyes are the main attraction.

One to try: RMS Beauty Tinted Daily Lip Balm.

Not to brag, but this stuff really is the balm!
This lip-softening balm contains jojoba oil for rapid and simple absorption and offers up to twelve hours of moisture and color. Candelilla wax makes sure that your lips feel silky while cocoa nut butter helps shield your lips from free radicals.

Check your lip balm for petroleum and parabens. Although they are very prevalent in conventional lip balms, we never utilize these substances in any RMS Beauty products. Petroleum and parabens are known carcinogens and should not be applied to the lips because they may wind up in the mouth.

Useful Times for Tinted Lip Balm

A tinted lip balm can be applied at any time. It’s a fantastic lip product to keep in your desk drawer, car, or bag. These are an improvement over standard lip balm and a simple way to add color to any outfit. Additionally, tinted balms are excellent for adding moisture to lipsticks that are uncomfortable or drying to the lips.


2. Lip Glosses

Remember those ooey-gooey glosses you poured onto your lips in your youth? They’re still around but not quite as goopy as they used to be. If you crave a wet or extremely hydrated finish.

Lip glosses work best as a finishing touch and are ideal for wearing alone or layered over matte lipstick. Wearing them all by themselves, especially in extremely glossy formulas, can make you appear to have forgotten to apply your other cosmetics.

When to Apply Lip Gloss

If you have a favorite lipstick shade that dries too quickly or has a matte finish that you don’t like, use a lip gloss. If the gloss is tinted, it may even assist you adapt the color of your lipstick by altering the texture and finish.

You may also wear lipgloss by itself, but if you want it to last longer, try lining your lips with a lip pencil or giving them a light kiss of translucent setting powder first. It will have something to hold onto as a result, enabling it to live longer than your 20-minute commute.

3. Lip Stains

Because they provide color without adding texture, stains offer a distinctive lip color experience. The ideal way to apply many liquid lip stains, some of which double as cheek colors, is with your finger.

Lip stains can give your lips a burst of vibrant color that makes them appear freshly bit; however, beware—they can bite back. Numerous lip tints are extremely drying, leaving you reaching for lip balm shortly after use.

Choose a lip stain instead that contains nourishing elements to prevent drying out of your lips. RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek is one to try. Our dual-tasking blendable cream formula for our lip and cheek color provides you hours of moisture and buildable color. These function like stains and use highly concentrated pigments to give your lips and cheeks dazzling color that is simple to mix.

Deep hydration and potent antioxidant defense are provided by hydrating ingredients like cocoa butter and wild-crafted buriti oil.

Uses For Lip Stains
When you want long-lasting color but don’t like the creamy, textured feel of lipstick, you can use lip stains. if you want dense pigment without any weight. Depending on the tint, you can wear them dressed up or casually. They also function effectively when glossed.


4. Lipstick

One to try:
RMS Beauty Wild With Desire Lipstick. Our founder’s favorite. Bold, richly pigmented, and impressively comfortable, you’ll love these satin finishes of intense color. Formulated with RMS Beauty Oil to keep lips hydrated and smooth, you’ll never have to worry about feathering or bleeding. 

When To Wear Lipstick

A better question? When not to wear lipstick. We can’t think of a single instance when lipstick wouldn’t be 100% appropriate (except for sleeping on pure white, 700 thread count, Egyptian cotton sheets). Wear lipstick when you want a rich, comfortable color that will last and won’t easily kiss-off on coffee ups or your significant other. 


5. Lip Liner

Although lip liner technically isn’t lipstick, you can still use it in a pinch or if you really adore the color of your liner. To keep your lipstick in the proper spots, use lip liner as a guide. Additionally, it works wonders at keeping lip tints from leaking or feathering into creases and fine lines.

You can wear lip liner either with or without a complementary lip color. If you just use lip liner, pick one that applies smoothly and can be buffed inward with a lip brush.

When to use a lip liner?

Of course, you don’t need to apply lip liner to wear lip color, but liner is necessary for a lip that look incredibly defined and full. Along with your preferred lipsticks, lip stains, or colored glosses, use lip liner. Nevertheless, resist the impulse to channel your inner early 2000s and don colored liner with clear gloss.

Helpful Tips

  • Want to apply lipstick professionally? Here are some pointers and strategies to assist you consistently get stunning color and long-lasting wearability.
  • Avoid covering your lip color with powder. It won’t help set it and may even cause your lip color to oxidize and become a completely different color.
  • Pick a shade of lipstick that is one to two shades darker than your skin tone to successfully use nude-colored lipstick. To help create excessive volume, add a dot of gloss to the center of your lips.
  • Make sure your lips are incredibly moisturized before applying a brightly colored lipstick. If not, particles of dry, dead skin may stick to your lip color.
  • Learn to blend shades to create a truly unique color you love. Experiment with colors and finishes until you build a customizable color and finish that is exclusively yours.
  • Wear what you love. Nothing looks as good as confidence. If you love ultrabright lipstick for days at home or for coffee with a friend, wear it!!
  • It’s easy to get the looks you love and avoid uncomfortable lipstick or lip color once you understand how lip products are made and the best ways to use them. For more tips and how-go guide for selecting the perfect color, check out this handy guide.
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Swipe on Style, Not Chemicals

At RMS Beauty, we make it easy to find the lipsticks and lip products you want without the worry of placing toxins on the delicate skin of your lips. Whether it’s a hydrating balm or an intensely pigmented lip stain you crave, you can trust RMS Beauty to deliver products that are the cleanest available and always outperform their traditional beauty counterparts. 

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