Different Blush Types and How to Apply Them

While most of us begin using blush in our adolescent years, mastering its perfect application can remain a mystery well into adulthood, giving us a little clownish appearance. We can assist if you’re feeling more like a clown at a kid’s birthday party than a newly flushed beauty.

We’ll discuss the various blushes that are offered, who should use them, and how to apply them for consistently flawless results.

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What’s the purpose of Blush?

Let’s start by discussing what this product performs. Blush is not a highlighter or a bronzer. It’s a product made precisely to mimic how your skin appears when you naturally flush. Consider how your skin appears right after a vigorous workout.
The blush tint is inspired by that flushed, youthful hue.

Is Bronzer the Same as Blush?

No. The pigments in bronzer, which is an entirely distinct substance, are typically more metallic and don’t have red or pink undertones. To give your skin a sun-kissed appearance, add bronzer. The cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, and the middle of your eyelids are just a few examples of where you might apply bronzer to your skin in those areas where the sun would naturally shine.

Are Blush and Highlighter the Same Thing?

No once more. The use of luminizers, highlighters, and illuminators gives the skin a sheer, dewy sheen that makes it appear more vibrant and alive. These cosmetics don’t add rosy hue; instead, they give your skin a more three-dimensional finish that keeps it looking moisturized and healthy.

How Many Kinds of Blush Are There?

You can choose from a variety of blush formulas, each of which will offer you a distinctive look. If you’re exceptionally competent, you can combine two of the same sort or use them separately.

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Cream Based Blush

Cream-based blushes are adored by all skin types. It’s not the greatest for dry skin, despite what you might believe. Makeup can’t entirely solve the problem of dry skin.

The trick is to use suitable, moisturizing skincare before using color cosmetics. Otherwise, your dry skin might just absorb your cream blush. Creams typically leave a dewy look and are simple to apply. They are very blendable and buildable, and most people find it difficult to make a mistake with them.

Powdered blush versus pressed blush

Pressed blush smooths over pores and hides fine lines and wrinkles on dry to normal skin, giving the skin’s surface an airbrushed appearance. If you have the proper brush, these are equally simple to use. Embrace blush.

Because stains feature long-lasting colors that even the oiliest skin can’t wash off, they are effective on oily skin. Applying stains can be challenging. Any skin type can use them, although oily skin will benefit most from a stain’s long-lasting strength.

What Brushes Should I Use for Blush?

You need the appropriate tools before you begin. Applying cream blush and stains will be simple for you if you want to use your fingertips. You’ll need a decent brush for powdered blush. 
Pro tip: it’s rarely the brush that comes with it.

For Cream and Powder Blushes

A brush that won’t take up foundation or other cosmetics that have previously been put to your skin is what you need. To try one? Skin2Skin Powder Blush Brush by RMS Beauty. Wide, lightweight bristles on this brush make blending a snap.
The dome form simulates application to the skin.

For Powders and Stains

Working with darker, more intensely pigmented colors requires a brush with appropriate strength to aid in good blending.
If properly cleaned in between uses, our Skin2Skin Blush Brush can also be used to apply bronzing powder. It works well with powdered formulae and stains.


Basics of Blush Applications

If you follow a few helpful tips, it’s simple to obtain a professional and natural-looking application every time.

Where it goes

You’ll apply blush in the identical locations on your cheeks regardless of the product you use. According on the form of your face and your objectives, you can concentrate on one of two application areas.

  • Your cheek apples. The majority of people begin by applying blush to their cheeks’ apples when using blush. After all, when it’s warm, you flush where the apples are. Your cheeks’ apples, where blush is applied, look younger.
  • Cheekbones. Your cheekbones are higher than your cheekbone apples. Blush applied to the cheeks can give them a raised appearance. This is an excellent choice for creating lift because it naturally directs light and attention upward.

You’ll probably wind up using a combination of these two areas to apply your blush the majority of the time. You may naturally blend upward and outward toward your cheekbones if you start at the apples of your cheeks.

Where blush doesn’t go

Avoid the temptation to apply blush all over your face because doing so can make you look sunburned or clownish. Instead, apply blush to your forehead, chin, nose, and lower cheeks. This is a worn-out style that was popular decades ago.
Blush is not necessary to hide your face because more realistic products like bronzers and luminizers are readily available.

How Should I Use the Various Blush Types?

Whether you’re applying blush using a cream, powder, or stain, we have the application advice you need to do it right.

Cream Blush

You can apply blush with a blush brush, a cosmetic sponge, or your fingers.
To use, lift a tiny amount of product with your tool and sweep it upwardly onto the apples of your cheeks.

Because cream-based blushes frequently have a high pigment content, a little goes a long way. Remember, you can always add more makeup, but it might be challenging to remove too much.


ReDimension Hydra Powder Blush is a product to try.
A lot more than a powder, yet not necessarily a cream.
Our ReDimension Hydra Powder Blush functions like a luminizer and blush combined. Our blush applies easily and practically melts into the skin since it is made with organic jojoba oil, which is the most similar to the natural oil on your skin, and ultra-hydrating wildcrafted buriti oil.

Wet-powder technology made from sugar provides you the appearance of a cream-based blush with the simplicity of a powder. For a finish that seems multidimensional, gel to powder technology offers a bouncy texture that is simple to mix.

Powdered blush versus pressed blush

The ideal method for applying pressed or powdered blush is with a brush.
Both of the brushes mentioned above will function.

Pick up a tiny bit of powder from your pressed blush with your brush.
After that, carefully apply the product to your cheeks, starting at the apples and moving upward and outward. Tap off any excess product from the brush.

Use a fan brush to spread it out if you unintentionally put a bit too much in one spot.

The RMS Beauty Pressed Blush is a product to try. Other pressed blushes you’ve tried don’t compare to ours. It gives you a boost of genuine color while nourishing skin thanks to its formulation of moisturizing elements. Vegetable squalane supports skin elasticity, while wildcrafted buriti oil keeps skin supple and moisturized.

stain blush

Although stain application can be challenging, it’s important to keep in mind that most stains can be built up. That implies to start out small. Work the color upward and outward onto the apples of your cheeks using your fingertips or a sponge for a solid stain (like ours).

Lip2Cheek by RMS Beauty is a product to try. This combination blush and stain for the lips functions similarly to a moisturizing cream blush. This product does double duty, imparting a lovely, dewy hue to your lips and cheeks while also offering the utmost moisture. It is made with highly nourishing ingredients including wild-crafted buriti oil, organic cocoa seed butter, and organic shea butter.

Practical Blush Tips

If you don’t get it right the first time, don’t give up. Almost every possible cosmetic error has a workaround. Oops! I wore too much.

That’s alright.
Try using a setting powder or loose translucent powder to gently blend any noticeable lines, tone down a color that is a bit too pigmented, and produce a more natural look before reaching for a makeup remover wipe.

It’s located incorrectly.

The less makeup you have on your face, the simpler it will be to retouch blush that you accidentally applied in the wrong area.


Remove as much of the product as you can with a clean brush, without rubbing (which will remove the underlying makeup). Next, use your fingers or a makeup sponge to gently push a little amount of foundation into the affected region.
Finish with setting powder if the pigment is still visible.

Blush Properly Every Day

Blush is an essential beauty tool that makes you appear more vibrant and young-looking naturally. It can be challenging to get it perfect, but with a little practice and a good recipe, you can. The purest formulas for the hottest cheek colors are available at RMS Beauty.

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