Detangling made Easy: The CurlyEllie Way!

We all have the same nightmare: detangling curly hair. It can be frustrating and time consuming, but it is necessary to manage your curls. I want to show you two simple methods of detangling that are not only effective, but will save you frustration and breakage.

One of the methods I’d like to discuss, is effective for all hair types, but works especially well for those with a looser or more voluminous curl pattern. You need to explore and identify the style of hair that best suits you.

This method has you spray your hair with water and Detangling Spray.

Divide your hair into four sections. Start with the first section and mist it with a little water gently rake the water through your hair using your hands only. Then divide that section in to two so that you now have a smaller section to work with. Spray a generous amount of CurlyEllie Detangling Spray on that section and rake it through finger detangling your hair. Ensure that the product has fully saturated your hair and has penetrated the hair shaft before you attempt to finger detangling. Feel your hair and always make sure that your hair detangles willingly as you finger detangling so that you don’t break the hair. If you feel you have some tough knots just add some more Detangling Spray. Once that section is fully finger detangles you can use a tool of your choice be it a wide tooth comb or a detangling brush to stroke through that area and move on to the next.


This method is very affective as the detangling spray detangles, moisturise and shines to create soft manageable and glossy hair.

This is a second method which can be used for all hair types, but is often used by those with tighter curls who need more slip to detangle (curl patterns 3C-4C).

Use water, the curlyEllie conditioner or the intense indulgent conditioner.

Use the spray bottle to mist your hair with water. Then generously spray your hair with the CurlyEllie Detangling Spray. Rake the spray through your hair with your hands and divide your hair into six sections. Now one section at a time, use the conditioner of your choice and work it through that section while finger detangling. Then follow through with a detangling brush or comb of your choice. Make one twist or braid on the completed section and move on to the next section.

Both these methods can be tried and choose what works best for you. CurlyEllie’s guide to Caring for tangled hair!


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