What is Josh Rosebrook

Josh Rosebrook is a sought-after hairstylist and an expert on skincare.

As his reputation for creating some of the best hair products in the industry grew, he started to awaken to a deeper understanding of the power of plant ingredients. He began developing his own botanical formulas, sharing them with his clients, and it wasn’t long before the results spoke for themselves.

The Josh Rosebrook Skin and Hair Care products are all crafted in careful small batches with only the highest quality, all-natural and organic ingredients. Our intention is to create products that are supremely effective and pure, with a maximum of botanical extracts and active ingredients, and absolutely nothing artificial, synthetic or genetically modified.

Josh Rosebrook is endorsed by Alicia Silverstone and the Skin and Hair Care products are used by Olivia Wilde, Sofia Bush, Mila Kunis, Martha Stewart, Ellen DeGeneres, Tori Spelling, Rob Lowe, Fran Drescher, Ru Paul and Kim Raver


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Josh Rosebrook

Josh Rosebrook

Hairstylist & owner of Josh Rosebrook

Beauty in harmony with nature.

That’s what we believe, and we think you do, too.

We know that the best way to realize your true beauty is through the pure regenerative power of nature’s plants and herb extracts. That’s why we’ve created a unique line of scientifically proven luxury skin, hair, and scalp solutions using the greatest lab ever created: Mother Nature.

Our uncompromising standards mean we’re committed to being as true to you as we are to ourselves. All of our products are conscientiously formulated and produced using only the highest quality raw materials. We carefully select and work closely with our suppliers so we can ensure maximum potency and freshness of our ingredients while remaining faithful to ethical, sustainable, and fair-trade practices.

Josh Rosebrook products represent our singular vision to help you achieve your skin and hair care aspirations. Our devotion to thoughtfully crafting them has cultivated a vibrant and diverse community, where each individual is respected and beauty is expressed and embraced in all its forms. Together, our products and this community represent our sincerest attempt to honor nature, and honor your individual beauty.

Our products are never tested on animals—and neither are the ingredients that go into them. We are committed to using only the highest quality ingredients, sourced from all over the world, that support our mission of using natural ingredients for healthier skin and hair. Because we believe that beauty comes from within, we don’t use any harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients in any of our products—instead opting for rich botanicals from around the globe. Whether you have dry skin or oily hair, Josh Rosebrook has the treatment for you!

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About Josh Rosebrook

After a childhood spent cutting and styling the hair of all the neighborhood kids, Josh Rosebrook opened his first salon in Portland, Oregon, at age 10. His interest in skin care came a few years later, and by the time he was a teenager he was comparing results and reading labels and asking a lot of questions. He began to make the connection between natural skin care, diet, plants and herbs, and true health and beauty.

Today, Josh is one of the most sought-after beauty experts in the world. His products are sold in over 15 countries worldwide as well as at some of the top spas in America.

As a young adult, I had a fascination with hair and skin care. I studied cosmetology in high school and continued my studies to become a hairdresser. When I was in Los Angeles, my career as a hairdresser flourished.

But I noticed that there weren’t any products containing the specific, natural ingredients that I wanted to use on my clients’ hair and skin. So I expanded my background in hair and scalp to biochemistry of the skin. This led me to create my own skin care line using natural ingredients. The results were astounding—my clients began noticing changes in their skin and asked me what I was using, so I shared it with them.

The Cacao Antioxidant Mask was the first product that delivered real results for my clients who suffered from acne. Friends who used it experienced dramatic improvements in their complexion as well, which inspired me to start selling it.

Josh Rosebrook began his career in the beauty industry as a hair stylist, but he soon realized that his true passion was helping people feel better about themselves. He became imbued with a great passion to educate and help people feel more beautiful and confident. This energy continues to inspire him every day to create the most effective, pure products of value that deliver real results.

The foundation of great skin and hair is a vital, healthy body. In his approach, Josh believes truly beautiful skin, scalp, and hair begins not only with his professional, high-quality, efficacious products that support and protect healthy function and structure but also a deep focus on whole body-mind balance.

Today Josh works with a team that includes industry-leading natural cosmetic chemists and herbalists. Together they conceive, test, and perfect his formulas only when they meet their uncompromising standards do they share these creations with the world.

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