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“The great immune protector”: That was one of the first things I read about Astragalus. Powerful, right? I was looking for immune protection to not get sick before my long flight to Bali as well as for something that would help me stay healthy on the plane and deal with the impact after.

Astragalus was a clear recommendation I got from someone working a lot with Taoist herbal tonics and who’s got great understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

It is a very powerful root, one of the great tonic herbs of Traditional Chinese Medicine and considered one of the most potent tonic herbs in the world. It was praised in ancient China for its effects as an energiser of the entire living system of the body and today scientists declare it as a herb with extraordinary health-boosting properties.

What makes it so special is that it doesn’t just give your body energy but actually helps your body to cultivate “protective” energy, vitality, immunity. It’s like help for self-help.

Protective layer

The Taoists talk of a protective layer of energy that circulates just under the skin which is called Wei Qi and they were very impressed by Astragalus’ ability to tone and fortify it. This energy is considered highly protective and can be a powerful “first line of defence” against hostile organisms that are passing into your body.

Astragalus can be helpful in both long-term and short-term immune-strengthening. For people dealing with chronic conditions, e.g. chronic fatigue, it can be a helpful natural longterm remedy. But also, if you’re like me, seeking Rootsmore of an instant immune boost during cold and flu season, for travel or now with the worldwide Coronavirus situation calling us to amp up our immune systems, it’s a powerful herb worth trying.

Based on my own experience I would definitely recommend it to build up immunity. I started taking it about a month before my long travel last fall to build Wei Qi and immunity. During that time, it helped me navigate the upcoming cold and flu season, and then it helped me staying fit and healthy on the plane and afterwards. There might’ve been other factors playing into it, too, but bottom line is that I stayed healthy. For me, Astragalus is indeed a great immune protector.

How to take:

Start with 1/4-1/2 teaspoon daily. I added it to my coffee in the morning or had it as a “supercharged” warm water right after getting up. You can also put it in your tea, smoothie or other beverages or sprinkle it on food.

(Please note: This recommendation is based on my personal experience. Every body reacts in its own individual way to herbs and supplements. As such, my statenment is no guarantee that the recommended product has the same effect in you. Please do your own research or, if in doubt, ask a functional or naturopathic practitioner if it’s the right thing for you.)

∼ Kat

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