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In the past, our ancestors cherished mushrooms for their regenerative properties and healing powers. These mushrooms have shown to have numerous health benefits. To help you stimulate your mind, body and soul, Foodsporen gives you nature’s best kept secret. Let’s find out more about Foodsporen.


Foodsporen: The Brand

Foodsporen is a ecologically responsible company that believes in the power of mushrooms. Mushrooms support your body and your immune system when you’re experiencing stress. Mushrooms hold many useful substances that support your overall health. In their role as a producer of 100% organic food supplements, Foodsporen use only pure fruiting bodies of functional mushrooms. In addition of tinctures and powders, the also offer capsules.

The Founder of Foodsporen: Mart Stoffele

The founder of Foodsporen is Mart Stoffele. His interest in mushrooms began after he encountered a dilemma in his life. His emotional and physical state were not at their best. Mart visited several doctor’s, but there was no improvement. One day he stumbeld upon a mushroom extract, a tincture that did the trick. He felt better and had more clarity to focus on things, so Mart decided to take up herbalism as a study. Unthinkable before, he now found himself whizzing through book after book. He eventually build an enterprise, to deliver the natural power of these restorative mushrooms to others. That’s how Foodsporen was born.

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The Products of Foodsporen:

The products of Foodsporen boast the full arsenal of phytonutrients from mushrooms. They achieve this by using a triple extract technique, gaining maximum purity and quality in the process. By combining traditional knowledge with modern science and technology, Foodsporen continues to uphold the ‘food tracks’ of our ancestors. They produce food supplements only from 100% fruiting bodies. Each of their products contain highly concentrated tinctures or powdered extracts that enhance physical and mental well-being.

Their Mission & Vision:

Mission: A healthy lifestyle cannot be achieved and maintained without mushrooms. Scientific studies have proved the importance of mushrooms. Foodsporen wants to achieve a lifestyle with the healing powers of mushrooms.

Vision: Using the latest science and technology, Foodsporen puts together the traditional practices and the knowledge of our ancestors. That results into natural, clear and wholesome extracts. With that you can create and maintain optimal health.


In conclusion, Foodsporen is a brand that stands out from the crowd with its commitment to using mushrooms. With their unique blend of natural ingredients and science-backed research, they provide an effective solution for those looking to improve their overall health. The quality and diversity of products available make it a great option for anyone seeking natural remedies for various ailments or just wanting to take extra steps towards living a healthier lifestyle. So if you’re looking for something new and different in terms of health supplements, give Foodsporen a try!

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