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The Founder & his story

The founder of Simply Argan, Darren Smith, found his passion for this brand iduring a personal trip. Argan Oil is known in Morocco as ‘liquid gold’, pure argan oil is pressed from the nut of the Argania Spinosa Tree and is renowned for its powerful anti-ageing, hair and skin-nourishing properties.

The natural, vitamin-E-rich nuts have been used by Berber tribes for years, but Westerners were largely unaware of its aesthetic benefits until Darren had an epiphany following a trip to Marrakesh with his wife Jane, which led him to change the course of his career altogether.

He attended Manchester University and earned a degree in aeronautical engineering. He was born and raised in Rochdale.
A lateral step into the cosmetics industry after earning a chartered accountant degree and working in corporate finance and investment banking in London for prestigious companies like Credit Suisse was more of a leap of faith.
However, Darren had already left the City a few years prior and had established a variety of lucrative firms in the finance and investing fields.

Darren has started a fantastic business adventure that he believes will one day lead to a worldwide company with Simply Argan outlets in New York and Paris. This incredible business journey has been made possible by a string of fortunate accidents and Darren’s ambitious, entrepreneurial attitude.

It all began with a trip to Morocco in 2009, when a buddy named Ken Ward requested him to bring back some argan oil for his spouse because she had purchased some on a previous trip and was unable to get it in the UK.

Darren set out to explore the souks of Marrakesh since he likes a challenge and discovered a variety of different bottles.
And there, if Jane hadn’t had a severe mosquito bite on the first day of their vacation, it might have ended.

He brought back argan oil presents for friends and family and sought their opinions too. Everyone raved about the oil for its skin-nourishing and healing properties. But after a comprehensive search he found only one amateurish UK website selling the product. His business head started whirring.

He asked his friends and family for their thoughts as well as brought back gifts of argan oil.
Everyone praised the oil for its ability to heal and nurture the skin.
But after conducting a thorough search, he was able to locate just one unprofessional UK website selling the item. His business mind began to whirl.

He initially formed a cooperation with his friend Ken, who conducted extensive research to get the highest-quality oil.
Clinical testing by a Bury laboratory revealed that the majority of oils were frequently just about 60% pure.
The Moroccans typically utilize nuts that have been softened by goats that jump trees, although this decreases the important fatty acids and can result in an earthy poo aroma.

However, one oil in particular stood out.
The best nuts from the rare Argania tree, a dense, slowly-growing hard wood species that is primarily only found in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, were used to make it by a family for generations.
The producer uses a special extraction method that yields.

Darren was able to negotiate an exclusivity agreement, making him the largest exporter of premium organic argan oil to the West.
The health food and cosmetics industries have made an effort to catch up, but even items from well-known names cannot make the same purity claims.

Having no prior expertise in the cosmetics sector, Darren then set about assembling a team of professionals and got to work marketing the oil.

Additionally, good fortune contributed to Simply Argan’s success. Catherine Zeta Jones revealed that argan oil was her secret beauty tool shortly after starting the company in 2011. Everyone wanted some after the story became popular.

Simply Argan

The RERS Group is the company behind Simply Argan. A specialized, non-mainstream luxury beauty business.

Established in 2010 to bring the amazing cosmetic advantages of argan oil to the UK. Since then, we have produced a vast array of argan oil-based skin and hair products and have evolved to be a reputable, well-known, and award-winning beauty company. However, you won’t find our items on the shelves of high street merchants since we would have to lower the quality of our products in order to meet their margin requirements, which we will not do.

simply argan

Fine, Organic, and Pure Argan Oil

Simply Argan Oil is the finest quality,  organic and ethically sourced, and 100% pure argan oil. Every batch of our Moroccan imported argan oil is tested and certified in a UK laboratory to ensure consistent quality and purity.

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