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Brûmée was established by pharmacologist Dr. Anne-Claire Walch, who was raised in the captivating town of Grasse, the historic heart of traditional perfumery since the 16th century. Immersed in the captivating scents of Provence, Anne-Claire became captivated by the world of fragrances.

Her pharmacology research led her to investigate the connection between skin and fragrance, focusing on the health effects of conventional perfumes. Most current fragrances rely on synthetic ingredients and contain up to 80% alcohol, which can be detrimental to the skin. Anne-Claire was astonished that in an era where natural beauty is highly valued, people continue to apply alcohol and other toxins to their skin. Driven by this realization, she embarked on a mission to revolutionize the industry.

Brûmée was conceived to transform how perfumes are formulated, manufactured, and worn. Anne-Claire collaborated with experts in French laboratories to create an innovative formulation based on ultra-pure water, replacing alcohol. The formulation also incorporates natural fragrances from Grasse and nourishing organic oils, eschewing harsh and synthetic chemicals to produce the brand’s signature scents.

The outcome is a gentle fragrance that nurtures and protects both skin and hair. When applied directly to skin and hair, the natural perfumes interact with the skin’s chemistry and pH, generating a scent unique to the individual without causing harm or aging to the skin or hair. Brûmée’s collection of unisex fragrances are vegan, certified natural, and made in France. By blending classic Provencal aromas with a contemporary touch, Brûmée’s natural perfumes evoke a sense of luxury and sophistication synonymous with Provence and France. Each perfume’s “note” intensifies throughout the day, unveiling distinct top, heart, and base notes for a truly unique fragrance experience.

The Story of Grasse, Provence & Perfumery

The enchanting world of fragrance is both ancient and captivating. The term “perfume” originates from the Latin phrase per fume, meaning “through smoke,” which reflects one of the earliest uses of aromatic materials: burning incense and herbs as religious offerings. Although the South of France is currently considered the heart of perfumery, in this article, we delve into the enthralling history of fragrance, the artisanal customs of Grasse, and the inspiration behind our very own Brumes.

From Ancient Civilizations to the Present Day

The art of perfumery has a rich history, evolving alongside human civilizations. Over 4,000 years ago, ancient Egyptians began using fragrances. As time passed, different forms of perfumery emerged, serving purposes such as promoting hygiene and cleanliness, and symbolizing wealth and nobility. In numerous ancient cultures, scents were also employed in spiritual ceremonies, often through the burning of essential oils and resins.

In today’s world, perfumes are no longer exclusive to the nobility; they have become a part of daily life, allowing individuals to express their unique identities. The growing popularity of fragrances has led the industry to shift away from traditional handcrafted methods, opting instead for mass-produced synthetic scents.


Grasse, France


The story of Grasse

As far back as the 16th century, the people of Grasse supplied Persian scent-makers with their raw materials. The fine fragrance business gradually expanded, with the region producing iris, hyacinth, and rose-scented soaps. Today, the quaint town of Grasse is widely recognized as the global capital of perfume. Its medieval buildings cling to the landscape, while the surrounding basin boasts rich soil and a warm climate ideal for cultivating fragrant flowers. The region’s distinct expertise has been passed down through generations.

Owing to Provence’s history, the high quality of its growers, and the creative talents of its perfumers, Grasse’s impact on the fragrance industry remains unparalleled. Despite the profitable nature of the French perfume market, few have been able to match Grasse’s reputation as a provider of exquisite perfumes worldwide. Currently, Grasse’s artisanal traditions and manufacturing legacy are benefiting from the organic movement, which has rejuvenated the demand for small-scale flower production, particularly for its fragrant roses and jasmine.

Brûmée: Born from the Heart of Grasse

Our founder, Dr. Anne-Claire, spent her childhood wandering the fragrant streets of Grasse. Surrounded by the natural aromas of Provence, her passion for scent was ignited. Fast forward to today, and Anne-Claire has created Brûmée to encapsulate her love for fragrances and the nostalgia of a treasured landscape, now shared with the world.

At Brûmée, we collaborate with an expert ‘Nose’ based in Grasse to craft stunning natural fragrances. Drawing on the savoir-faire and unique heritage of the region, we bring the scents of the French countryside to life.

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