About Bonusan Supplements

Bonusan’s Background

Bonusan strives to assist its consumers in feeling in charge of their own health.
As a result, they have been supplying professional dietary supplements and plant extracts as a committed family business since 1966. They are presently active in seven countries.They always do Research, development and the production in the Netherlands, inside their own facility.

Many people are still uninformed that food, exercise, and supplements can do so much. That is a missing opportunity for both the person and society. That is why we make our expert knowledge publicly available. We continuously seek new information and use scientific research to back up what we say, do, and produce.

We envision a future in which everyone has a higher quality of life: Living Quality.
We organize courses and training programs in diet, fitness, nutritional treatment, and clinical psycho-neuro-immunology through our foundation, the Natura Foundation.
Everything we do has one purpose in mind: to offer you more control over your health.


Only the highest quality will do if you truly care about your health.
That is why we research and manufacture our supplements in and in the Netherlands.

Our quality care satisfies HACCP standards, which ensures food safety. Nothing ever leaves our production without first being certified by our laboratory. Furthermore, all of our vendors meet our stringent standards.As a result, we keep complete control over the whole manufacturing process, from raw material to finished product.

We can react quickly to new developments since we do it ourselves.
As a result, you can always rely on the highest quality and current expertise.


The HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) method was introduced as European legislation in the 1990s. The focus of this food safety system is to first systematically identify all potential biological, chemical and/or physical hazards. Based on a hazard analysis, the risk to public health is estimated. Control measures are drawn up for these explicit risks, including critical limits, which either fully mitigate the risk, or reduce this to an acceptable level. Using a decision tree, critical control points are established, with an accompanying monitoring system. Through this monitoring system, the production and commercial processes are brought under control, managed and safeguarded.


Our office building has been outfitted with a variety of sustainable technology, resulting in an energy-efficient and comfortable working environment.
The environmental impact of sustainable construction is minimal.

Sustainable and energy efficiency business premises
Important aspects that were taken into consideration during construction are energy efficiency, saving water and the use of sustainable materials. For example, only wood (with FSC certification) that was produced in a sustainable manner was used in the building. 

A+ energy label
Bonusan’s business premises have been awarded an A+ energy label. This label indicates how efficiently a building utilises the energy supply and is based on the building’s energy index. This is calculated based on the structural properties and the infrastructural installations. The index ranges from A to G, where A is the most efficient. 

Energy-efficient installations
Because of the production process, a good indoor climate (air, moisture, temperature) is extremely important. To be able to achieve this, air-conditioning systems are a necessity. This allows exact control of the air, humidity and temperature. The system that is chosen has a huge impact on a building’s energy efficiency. Our air-conditioning system works with sustainable generation of geothemal energy and cooling and the ventilation system is fitted with a heat recovery system.

Daylight regulation
The amount of light also determines the indoor climate. The lighting is controlled by a daylight regulator and is linked to sensors to keep energy wastage as low as possible. Our building is also equipped with HR++ sun reflective double glazing.

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