Truly natural waterless beauty brand – Vemel – No to H2O!

Truly natural waterless beauty brand – Vemel – has something to say and it’s:

No to H2O!

Why? Surely we should be taking every chance to add water into our lives right? Well maybe not as we know it, explains Agi Miel Co-founder of Vemel, “The beauty industry is a crazy, complex and fascinating industry. For years we have been blinded by science on what’s good for us, what will improve our complexions and what will feel great on our skin. There’s been a lot of ‘sciency’ stuff but sadly not a great deal of honesty, “ Agi explains.

“Vemel was founded as an antidote to the chemical overload we found in our lives” explains James co-founder and Partner to Agi “Our son had suffered for years with Eczema and our lives had become a negative cycle of visits to doctors and specialists trying to understand what was happening, whilst increasing levels of steroids and chemicals to his skin, enough was enough!” he exclaims.

Their approach and resolve was entirely natural and unlike many larger companies they believe any skincare no matter how amazing will not be a silver bullet. “You have to consider your whole environment, think about the chemicals in your every day lives, the balance of food you’re eating, the levels of exercise and activity you are doing. To make a difference in our lives we all have to start taking small steps in the right direction. We believe that one important step is to reduce the chemicals that we absorb during our daily beauty rituals which could make significant long-term benefits to our overall health.

In the search for a better a more honest skincare range they have been on the road of discovery. “Breaking down all the fact from fiction has helped us develop a TRULY Natural Skincare range and waterless was critical to this discovery” explains Agi. “When Water enters the equation two things happen – “When water enters the equation – you have to add chemicals. Firstly, emulsifiers are needed to allow water to mix with the moisturiser (emoliant), secondly preservatives (parabens) are added to prevent the build of bacteria which forms as a result of adding the emulsifier. These chemicals can cause skin irritation, disrupt your skin’s natural barrier and even help to accelerate skin aging.

So much for All Natural! So is the claim to being Organic any better? Well, in theory it would be but sadly without any proper regulation in place some product claims can over state their organic content that leads to confusion and lack of transparency. Those like Vemel who are TRULY Natural and use certified Organic ingredients can evidence this “Our Products use organic materials and ingredients – so we can stand by this claim. Sadly in some cases companies that have products with 20% Organic material and 80% water are also making the same claim”, explains Agi “No wonder as consumers we are all very confused and frustrated – it’s time for those companies to start being more honest so we all know what we are buying!”.

With the Skincare Industry currently worth over £100 billion worldwide, Waterless skincare is finally being noticed and not only for its non-drying, bacteria free properties. “The Beauty Industry is a major contributor to water wastage globally both during the manufacture and usage of the products, explains James “We can’t continue to add more chemicals to water which is ruining our marine life but also with water scarcity being a looming issue we have time to change the direction of travel on this one”.

Without wanting to beat the Industry with a big stick the impact on the planet doesn’t stop there. Their contribution to our plastic planet continues, despite major initiatives by the larger corporates, the industry is a huge contributor of plastic packaging to the oceans and landfills of the world. “We really can’t keep adding to the mountains of waste. We have to recognise we are destroying the planet for our children” explains James. “We don’t need seven types of creams in our family for a start. Our products can be used for everyone, children, teenagers, men and women, sharing products reduces the amount you buy which limits the packaging but also making a family saving”. adds Agi. “My formulations are created to multi task, to combine and reduce our beauty steps. Wouldn’t we all love to spend less time on our beauty regime, save some money and the planet in the process and end up with more healthy and glowing skin? This coupled with only using material that can be fully recycled and/or upcycled instead of plastic helps in our own small way to take steps toward a better future for our children”.

Vemel skincare - Advanced Protective Serum2

So next time you are considering a change to a new moisturiser, cleanser or serum perhaps just look a bit further at the packaging, beyond the label and ask your self is it TRULY natural?

Vemel waterless organic skincare

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