The Leahlani Scent Glossary

Warm tropical breezes, ripening citrus, ocean spray, the smell of damp earth, misty rain, bouquets of jasmine and ginger – these are the fragrances of Kaua’i, which rise to greet you each time you use our products.

In most cases, the beautiful scent profiles are just a bonus – a happy consequence of the purposeful natural skincare ingredients we use in our formulations. You can literally smell the whole fruits in a jar of Meli Glow, the fresh sea scent in Mermaid Mask, the plumeria flowers in Pamplemousse, the rainforest canopy in Garden Isle, the creamy tuberose in Pua Lei… their fragrances are 100% Mother Nature.

At the same time, Leahlani would be incomplete without them. These enchanting island scents are essential in creating the experience of joy, indulgence and escape I want you to feel every time you care for your sweet skin. 

Explore our complete guide to the natural scent profiles in our products – where mood-elevating aromatherapy meets transformational skincare.


Aloha Ambrosia Moisturizer

Smells like jasmine flowers and tropical rain showers

Skincare Benefits: Everyday antioxidant-rich moisture
Aromatherapy: Positive, energetic, and romantic

Top note: Tropical Rain
Heart note: Night Blooming Jasmine
Base note: Creamy Gardenia

Bless Balm and Aromatherapy Essence

Smells like tropical citrus blossoms and morning rain 

Skincare Benefits: Protective, healing moisture 
Aromatherapy: Comforting, grounding, peaceful

Top Note: Clementine
Heart Note: Orange Blossom
Base Note: White Ros



Bohemian Ruby Toning Mist

Smells like a garden of roses and lavender 

Skincare Benefits: Anti-inflammatory, reduces redness, balancing
Aromatherapy: A comforting, relaxing heart hug

Top Note: Lemon verbena
Heart Notes: English rose, lavender
Base Note: Powder


Citrus and Citrine Toning Mist

Smells like citrus dewdrops in the heart of spring in the tropics

Skincare Benefits: Brightening, vitality-boosting 
Aromatherapy: Joyful, alert, awake

Top Notes: Tangelo, Lemon
Heart Note: Orange Blossom
Base Note: Fresh Grass




Coco Mango Coco Infusion

Smells like ripe, juicy mango and sweet, creamy coconut

Aromatherapy: Happiness, optimism, uplifting

Top Note: Ripe Mango
Base Note: Coconut Milk


Garden Isle Body Oil

Smells like tropical tradewinds after the rain, carrying the aroma of florals and woods across the damp earth

Skincare Benefits: healing head-to-toe moisture
Aromatherapy: Grounding, calming, peace

Top Note: Damp Earth
Heart Notes: Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Gardenia
Base Notes: Cocoa, Sandalwood




Happy Hour Balancing Serum

Smells like a relaxing spa day, like sipping a cup of chamomile tea in the middle of a lavender garden

Skincare Benefits: Anti-inflammatory, alleviates redness, soothes skin
Aromatherapy: relaxing, calming, centering 

Top Note: Crisp Apple
Heart Notes: Lavender, Chamomile
Base Note: Green Tea


Honey Love

Smells like the perfect blend of tart and sweet, with warm honey, hibiscus and soothing floral notes 

Skincare Benefits: Clarifying, texture-balancing, purifying
Aromatherapy: Invigorating, uplifting, mood-elevating

Top Note: Hibiscus
Heart Notes: Lavender, Chamomile
Base: Honey




Kalima Cleansing Powder

Smells like creamy coconut and oatmeal kissed with citrus and vanilla 

Skincare Benefits: Soothes, moisturizes, brightens skintone
Aromatherapy: Relaxing, comforting, peaceful

Top Notes: Guava, Citrus
Heart Note: Hibiscus
Base Note: Coconut Cream




*NEW* Kiele Essence 

The luminous fragrance of fresh gardenia kissed with citrus 

Aromatherapy: Romantic, relaxing, dreamy

Top Note: Lemon Sugar
Heart Note: Creamy Gardenia
Base Note: Tiare


Kokoleka Purifying Mask

Smells like coconut mocha with a sweet citrus kiss

Skincare Benefits: Purifying, detoxifying, clarifying

Aromatherapy: Comforting, relaxing, luxurious

Top Note: Orange pell
Heart Notes: Ginger
Base Note: Coconut Mocha





Mahana Perfume Oil | Coco infusion

Smells like sipping piña coladas from a coconut on a Hawaiian beach 

Aromatherapy: Relaxing, joyful, whole

Top Note: Toasted Coconut 
Heart Notes: Cream
Base Note: Vanilla Bean






Mahina Evening Moisturizer

Smells like warm honeyed vanilla, bergamot and sweet citrus

Skincare Benefits: Rich youth-enhancing moisture

Aromatherapy: uplifting, stress alleviating, comforting

Top Note: Italian Bergamot
Heart Notes: Mandarin, Lemon Verbena
Base Note: Tahitian Vanilla


Meli Glow

Smells like a tropical fruit smoothie with a sweet honey swirl

Skincare Benefits: Brightening, strengthening, nourishing

Aromatherapy: Satisfying, nourishing, happiness

Top Note: Strawberry Banana
Heart Notes: Rosehips, Mangosteen
Base Note: Sugar





Mermaid Mask

Smells like tropical citrus groves and sea spray

Skincare Benefits: Cleansing, purifying, renewing

Aromatherapy: Awake, alert, refreshed

Top Note: Ocean Breezes
Heart Notes: Ylang Ylang, Lotus
Base Note: Spicy Vanilla







Pamplemousse Cleansing Oil

Smells like an invigorating, cheery blend of plumeria flowers, sweet vanilla bean and juicy grapefruit

Skincare benefits: Gentle, brightening cleansing
Aromatherapy: Uplifting, soothing, mood-enhancing

Top Notes: Juicy Pink Grapefruit
Heart Notes: Plumeria
Base Notes: Vanilla Cream


Pua Lei Perfume Oil and Coco Infusion

Smells like a Hawaiian floral lei with sweet tuberose and puakenikeni 

Aromatherapy: Transporting, euphoric, in love

Top Notes: Balmy Rain
Heart Notes: Tuberose, Puakenikeni
Base Notes: Coconut 







Siren Serum

Smells like liquid sunshine – sweet citrus with balanced by earthy floral notes

Skincare Benefits: Enhances vitality, boosts circulation, brightens skin 
Aromatherapy: enlivening, uplifting, evokes happiness

Top Notes: Sweet Orange
Heart Notes: 
Ylang Ylang and Spice
Base Notes:







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