Spring skincare tips and All things SPF!

As we find ourselves finally emerging out the other side of the harsh winter weather and transitioning into a sunnier Spring, there are a few tweaks we can make to our skincare routines to help ensure our skin is looking and feeling its very best. From giving your skincare drawer a much-needed spring clean (pun intended) to working on hydration from the inside out, your skin deserves to be it’s happiest, glowiest self this season!

1. Alter Your Products Accordingly

For those of us with ‘normal’ skin types (meaning we aren’t particularly dry and aren’t excessive oily) as the winter weather subsides a lighter moisturiser can be just the right amount to keep the skin nourished and healthy. But a lighter moisturiser doesn’t mean it has any less to give – take the Vemel Daily Moisturising Face Butter for example, light in consistency, rich in goodness! With incredible skin loving ingredients like Mango Butter, Jojoba Oil and Argan Oil, this everyday moisturiser is the perfect solution to provide the skin with long lasting nourishment, giving an instantly healthy appearance to the skin. In fact, for some of us simply switching out our moisturiser altogether and replacing it with a serum is more than enough to give us all the hydration we need – what matters is knowing and recognising when your skin is its happiest self. Yet for those of us that find our skin still craves that extra moisture hit all year long, we can keep going strong with our trusted rich moisturiser, come rain or shine!

2. Reach For Your Vitamin C Based Products

Did you know, as we age the amount of Vitamin C in our skin decreases? And given its incredible antioxidant properties that fights off free radicals produced by UV rays from sun exposure, we might want to make use of it! Whether we want to prevent dark spots or maintain the skins elasticity through the production of collagen, Vitamin C really can do it all. Finding a stable and natural source of Vitamin C can be a more challenging task. Fortunately, Vemel have made it simple – treat yourself to a pamper session up to three times a week with the Super Fruit Powered Clay Mask. The Alma Berry ingredient in the mask is a brilliant source of Vitamin C to help restore the glow in your skin, paired with soothing Colloidal Oats and rejuvenating Natural Pink Clay for the perfect skin pick me up.

3.  Your Cleansing Oils/Butters Are Still Perfect for the Cleansing Step

Many people wonder whether they need to swap out cleansing balms and oils for a lighter cleanser – and the answer is quite simply, no! Oil based cleansers work wonderfully all year around to remove make-up, daily grime and stubborn SPF. And the fact that oil attracts oil means these cleansers are able to effectively cleanse without stripping and dehydrating the skin of its natural oils. That’s why Vemel recommends its No.1 Cleansing Oil and Vitamin Boost Cleansing Balm for every skin type and for every season. So, you’re able to keep your skin cleansed, healthy and nourished.


4.  Know Your SPF!

When it comes to SPF, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your skin is protected, without covering your skin in ingredients that can wreak havoc! Whilst the consistent application of SPF can help keep the skin barrier healthy, not all sunscreens are made equally. One ingredient, that has been known to be used in some sunscreens (and even skincare and shampoo products) is Octinoxate, a chemical used to filter out the suns UVB rays – unfortunately this ingredient has been found to cause acne and contact dermatitis, particularly in those with more sensitive, allergy prone skin types. Another ingredient to be aware of, and perhaps the most concerning, is Oxybenzone – this ingredient, whilst it may block some UV rays is also readily absorbed into the skin and has been found to act as an endocrine disruptor and cause allergic skin reactions. Whilst applying SPF is a great way to take care of your skin and health, it’s important to first ensure the specific products you choose to include are only the very best, and not undermining your efforts.

Ultimately, sticking with your skincare routine consistently and looking for products that enhance and improve your skin is the most effective way to keep it happy and healthy.

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