Should you apply sunscreen to a newborn?

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Yes, you can apply sunscreen to a newborn baby. But babies under 12 months are best kept out of direct sunlight. So chill out in the shade. However: this does not mean that your baby cannot get sunburn. Even in the shade there’s UVA and UVB radiation. So it’s important to protect your newborn baby’s skin as much as possible with sun block, but also think about UV-resistant clothing and a hat or cap.

How do I choose a sun block for my baby?

Sun’s out! Time to put on some sun cream, but how do you choose the right one for yourself or your child? Do you know the difference between chemical and natural UV filters? We explain it to you:

What are chemical UV filters?

You can distinguish between chemical and mineral filters, or chemical suncream and natural suncream. Chemical filters penetrate your skin and there the UV rays are absorbed. The resulting skin reaction provides the sun protection. The disadvantage of chemical filters is that the skin reaction with kids and sensitive skin can actually become an allergic reaction. Red rashes can be the result. Chemical filters can be recognised by the following ingredients: oxybenzone, octyl methoxycinnamate, octocrylene and avobenzone.

Mineral UV filters

A mineral UV filter acts like a mirror on the skin. The sunscreen in this case consists of minerals, often zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide. This is also often used in diaper cream to provide a cooling layer on red bums. Anyway, as soon as you apply it, you are protected, no skin reaction, no penetration time. That is why natural UV filters are often used for the sensitive skin of children.

How do I use a natural sunscreen?

Most mineral UV filters turn white on the skin, which is not always desirable. That’s why we have developed a formula for Naïf’s natural sunscreen with natural oils such as coconut oil, olive oil and sunflower oil, so that the cream spreads well and does not leave a white film. By the way, you don’t have to apply it too thickly; if the sun cream starts to roll-up on the skin, just use a little less next time.

This can easily happen on a baby’s skin, as it is oilier than an adult’s skin. We often get the question whether Naïf sunscreen is suitable for newborn babies. Yes, it can be used – but bear in mind that the suncream stays on the skin a bit longer and it is more difficult to spread it out well. Since you don’t want to rub a baby’s skin too hard, we advise you to wait a little longer and not put your baby in the sun for the first few weeks.

Which SPF/factor do you choose for a baby?

Because a baby’s skin is not used to anything yet and no pigment has been built up, it is best to protect it as well as possible. As no sun cream can offer 100% protection, choose a high factor: SPF 30/50. The factor determines how long your child can stay in the sun without burning, but this is different per person. Light skin types burn sooner than dark skin types. You can always reduce the factor at a later age if preferred.

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How much sun block should you put on?

The Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) recommends a total 7 teaspoons of sunscreen per application:

  • 1 for face and neck

  • 2 for arms and shoulders

  • 2 for the chest, abdomen and back

  • 2 for legs and feet

And repeat every 2 hours. That’s how to best to protect your newborn baby’s skin with sunscreen. If you want to be safe in the sun, seek shade in time. And definitely stay out of the sun between 12:00 and 15:00. Source: KWF Kankerbestrijding

naif Naïf skincare

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