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Do you love the taste of fresh blackcurrants? Well, then you should try this.

blackcurrant immune nicecream vild nord



Nicecream (love the name!) is a healthier alternative to soft ice cream, as the main ingredient is frozen bananas being blended. It is the most beautiful ice cream, and totally without added sugar and cream. That’s why you can eat nicecream, as dessert, as a snack during the day, as well as a breakfast. Only your imagination sets limits. Our flavored collagen variants are a perfect match in nicecream. 

What you need

This is a recipe for 2 people

  • 3 pcs. frozen bananas

  • 2 dl frozen blackcurrant

  • 1 cup almond milk

  • 6 ice cubes made of almond milk (5x5cm)

  • 1 tsp vanilla powder

  • 4 scoops of Collagen Immune Remedy

Course of Action

The texture of a nicecream should be luscious and creamy. Therefore, the greatest advice we can give is to pour almond milk into an ice-cube tray with at least 6 gaps, or 5×5 cm. Place them in the freezer and give them at least five hours to chill.

You’ve now attended to the texture. While you’re getting ready, take the ice cubes from the almond milk out. A decent blender should have a “blender tamper.”

Blend together frozen bananas, frozen blackberries, almond milk, vanilla, and Collagen Immune Remedy. Start the blender, then aid crush by using the blender tamper. One at a time, pour in the ice cubes created from almond milk so that the blender may break them. You have the hottest nicecream, presto.

About Collagen Immune Remedy

Natural ingredients for your skin and your immune system.

In order to stay on top with natural ingredients, COLLAGEN IMMUNE REMEDY includes a high amount of the vitamins C and D as well as protein. This can offer daily support for your immune system, your bones, and your skin.

The natural remedy for a boosted immune system is called COLLAGEN IMMUNE REMEDY. We have created the ideal blend of functional meals using Echinacea, vitamin C from acerola and blackcurrant, as well as vegan vitamin D from mushrooms.

The immune system is supported by echinacea, and vitamins C and D maintain healthy immunological function. The proper synthesis of collagen and weariness, which have an impact on the health of the skin and bones, are both reduced by vitamin C. Additionally, vitamin D aids in keeping bones healthy. 10 g of vitamin D and 151 mg of vitamin C per serving are both present in the blend.

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