Basil Holy Essential Oil


Basil Holy Essential Oil
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Holy Basil is a centuries-old remedy that has been used throughout Hindu cultures to promote health, wellness, and spiritual enlightenment for thousands of years. Some Hindus believe Holy Basil is the botanical incarnation of the god Vishnu, as well as the favorite herb of Krishna and Lakshmi. To this day, many Hindu families keep a Holy Basil plant in their courtyards as both a spiritual and medicinal safeguard. In addition to using the plant’s sweet oil to allay ailments and promote spiritual growth, they adorn the plant with gifts and worship it to give thanks to the gods.

In addition to being worshipped across India, Holy Basil oil has an important role in Ayurvedic medicine. It is considered intensely purifying, balancing, and harmonizing for the body and inspiring for the soul. Those with a Kapha disposition will find Holy Basil to be particularly stimulating, clarifying, and invigorating.


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