Leahlani by Raffaela Blasko

Leahlani rafaella blasko

” This was love at first sight. you gave me holiday with every bottle. everything comes in Glas bottles and I mean look at the packaging. in times of corona everybody needs a little bit of Hawaii at home. ”

Rafaella Blasko

I’ve never used a product like this before. This is perfect when you want to give your skin something sweet. Like a sweet peeling that leaves your skin smooth and clean.

Raffaela Blasko / Coconut Cream Cleansing Powder

I seriously can’t get enough of this product. The smell and the satin fgeeling that the product gives me is 10/10! I LOVE IT!

Raffaela Blasko / Bless Beauty Balm

I wish I could describe this smell. Orange with a vanilla bomb, that is how I would describe it. This product is one of my faves. I Wish I could leave it on my skin 24/7. I’m absolutely addicted with this oil.

Raffaela Blasko / Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil

I really love the feeling it gives me. It’s like liquid sunshine in a bottle. But for me it smells a little bit too much like orange.

Raffaela Blasko / Siren Brightening Serum
Rafaella Blasko
Leahlani rafaella blasko

Since I can remember I have been addicted to fruit tea and this mask smells exactly like my favorite one. I truly love the consistensy and the smell is so natural, soft and makes my skin glow!

Raffaela Blasko / Meli Glow Illuminating Nectar Mask

the consistensy is perfect for a mask, it’s not too fluid, that is what I like about the leahlani Masks. My face feels really clean and soft after using this, but the smell is not for me, it smells too much like powder in my opinion but my friend Lejla absolutely fell in love this this product.

Raffaela Blasko / Honey Love Exfoliator

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