La Mysore is suitable for everyone and the risk of allergic reactions is reduced to an absolute minimum. In addition, La Mysore contains special ingredients such as exotic herbal extracts of dades, khaki fruit, pomegranate, figs and Persian sourberry which contain powerful antioxidants. In addition to these ingredients, we use the most luxurious organic essential oils such as argan and borage.

la mysore

La Mysore skincare is created in a special way. The basic line consists of the 4 most important skin care products: milk cleanser, day cream, concentrate and an eye serum.

La Mysore is formulated in such a way that you can apply 8 functionalities with these 4 products. How? By simply combining products during skincare. This is listed on the label of the bottle.

Another advantage is that the bottles are airless. This means that you get the substance out up to the last drop. Because its packaging is biodegradable, you can just throw it away and it is not harmful to the environment.





Everything we do has an impact on the environment. That’s why La Mysore Cosmetics has been pursuing a green and sustainable policy from the very beginning, with the well-being of people and animals at its core. The materials we use must not burden the environment unnecessarily and are sourced from sustainable sources whenever possible. Furthermore, our products are not tested on animals. This is our philosophy in everything we do: in the development and manufacture of our products.


La Mysore is known for using only ingredients that are 100% safe and proven to be effective. La Mysore chooses natural ingredients from sustainable and as far as possible organic sources. La Mysore uses ingredients from certified companies for sustainable and mostly organic production. Our Laboratory is located in France and is known for working naturally and organically. La Mysore products are not tested on animals during any stage of production.


The bottles are suitable for recycling. You can put them with the plastic waste. La Mysore does not use unnecessary packaging. The bottles are not in an extra box or in foil. La Mysore has the product information on the bottles making extra packaging unnecessary.