la mysore

La Mysore Cosmetics is a genuine mother and daughter business and is being managed by Mitra and daughter Melody. Together we are a very strong team and we complement each other very well:
Mitra: Sometimes I might go too far in my perfectionism. Then I get so stressed out. Melody then says: ” Mom, calm down, it will be alright”. She has taught me: good is also good enough. I am very grateful for that.


That all my commitment to my profession is being appreciated , became visible in May 2017 where I was elected as Flevolands business woman 2017 ! Shortly thereafter I won the Woman in the Media Award for the province of Flevoland. In 2019 I won the Dutch Beauty Award for best beauty treatment: the Orthomolecular Skin Therapy treatment. 4 wonderful awards to be proud of. After completing my training in Orthomolecular Naturopathy, I obtained my specialization epiphysiologist in skin therapy.


Melody has been working in the company since 2015. Already during my education I was working with my mother. After my training as an all-round beautician, I have since specialized in connective tissue facial massage and lymphatic drainage massage. To increase my knowledge of the skin I followed an additional dermatological training. I have also received additional training in the field of nutrition.




Everything we do has an impact on the environment. That’s why La Mysore Cosmetics has been pursuing a green and sustainable policy from the very beginning, with the well-being of people and animals at its core. The materials we use must not burden the environment unnecessarily and are sourced from sustainable sources whenever possible. Furthermore, our products are not tested on animals. This is our philosophy in everything we do: in the development and manufacture of our products.


La Mysore is known for using only ingredients that are 100% safe and proven to be effective. La Mysore chooses natural ingredients from sustainable and as far as possible organic sources. La Mysore uses ingredients from certified companies for sustainable and mostly organic production. Our Laboratory is located in France and is known for working naturally and organically. La Mysore products are not tested on animals during any stage of production.


The bottles are suitable for recycling. You can put them with the plastic waste. La Mysore does not use unnecessary packaging. The bottles are not in an extra box or in foil. La Mysore has the product information on the bottles making extra packaging unnecessary.