How purple shampoo works to tone hair & how to take care of it

You’ve probably noticed that your blonde, gray, bleached, or highlighted hair doesn’t always appear as glossy after some time away from the salon. Did you know that purple pigment might be your finest partner in the struggle to get rid of undesirable brass and restore shine? New purple-hued shampoo from Bright Balance Hairbath balances and enhances brilliance by reducing yellow and orange tones. Here, we explain how the attractive and potent purple recipe of this particular sulfate-free shampoo revitalizes your hair and adds coolness to your color.


Introducing Purple Pigment

In order to give you the most neutral tone possible, Bright Balance Hairbath is made with a unique pigment blend that properly balances blue and red.
How does that function? The answer to your yellow or orange tones in blonde or gray can be found in some basic art school reasoning. Imagine a color wheel where yellow and purple are next to each other.
Because of their placement on the color wheel, the colors cancel out when they come together, producing a result that has a colder tone.
When purple is applied to hair, it produces this at-home color correction, which significantly reduces brass and boosts brightness.

An Innersense Difference

To give the appearance of healthy hair, silicones are used in a lot of purple shampoos. However, this quick fix may lead to problems in the future. Your strands may become even more dry and damaged over time as a result of silicone use. Bright Balance Hairbath is made with natural, pure plant actives and oils for blonde and gray hair that is truly cared for.  Hair is left looking and feeling healthy thanks to moisturizing apple and rice extracts. Monoi oil protects hair from the elements so that color and brightness last longer. Additionally, this recipe has more efficient transporters, allowing hair to absorb all the benefits for long-lasting results.


Guide to use Bright balance

Inhale deeply and center yourself. Utilizing a tiny quantity of Hairbath, create a thin lather on your palms. Use your fingertips to rub it into your hair and scalp.
Thoroughly rinse. Keep Bright Balance in your rotation with your other favorite Hairbaths and use it to fix your blonde and gray color when necessary. For the greatest blonde and gray color you’ve ever had, combine with Bright Balance Conditioner.


How to take care of your bleached hair

It’s difficult to top the feeling you receive after the salon when you get new highlights or a complete color makeover. But maintaining bleach requires a lot of work.
By releasing connections within hair strands, bleach magically reveals the lighter hue you’re after. Although processed hair can cause dryness, damage, and split ends, it is feasible to maintain hair that looks and feels fantastic with a little TLC and the correct product selection. Take this as your how-to manual for taking care of freshly bleached hair.


Prime Time

One of the most important steps in preserving the integrity of bleached hair is to protect it from heat and environmental deterioration. Hair Love Prep Spray serves as a primer for your hair, just as you would use a primer as a base for cosmetics to appear better and last longer. This priming spray helps your styles hold their place while providing thermal care and a fuller body. It’s made with rice protein and vitamin B to replenish strength and luster while filling up hair from roots to ends. Baobab and angelica root guard against potential harm from heating tools, UV rays, and environmental exposure, putting you in the driver’s seat for a successful, nourished style.


Say Hello to hydration!

After a bleaching process, moisture infusion is essential for maintaining healthy hair. Everything you need to give your hair a boost of hydration is in our Hydrating Hair Mask.

Shea butter, tamanu and coconut oils, flax seed, quinoa, and other nourishing ingredients are combined in this rich treatment mask to hydrate, mend, and revive dry, coarse, and damaged hair. At least once a week, especially when hair appears to be at its driest, leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes.

Using our Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner daily is another approach to increase the moisture levels in your hair.
To preserve body and manageability, the mild detangling spray contains emollient oils, fragrant herbs, flower essences, and a little amount of bee-friendly honey.
Every time your hair needs an extra moisturizing boost, simply spray it on damp hair.
A beautiful and healing atmosphere is created by the soothing lavender scent.

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Make purple part of your routine

Our brand-new purple-hued shampoo and conditioner, Bright Balance Hairbath and Conditioner, balances brass and enhances shine in blonde and gray hair. To help keep color cool, protect strands from the weather, and intensely moisturize, these solutions are meticulously formulated with natural, non-toxic components including monoi, pumpkin seed, and coconut oils, as well as apple, and rice extracts.

The shampoo and conditioner without silicone and sulfates are the ideal addition to your color care line-up. For the most neutral tone possible, they are produced using a unique pigment blend that properly balances red and blue. Additionally, because they have more efficient transporters, your hair will absorb all the benefits, giving it renewed moisture and shine.


Trim often!

You’ll probably discover that when you follow an Innersense regimen, you can make the most of the time in between salon visits. Your hair will be healthier, and your color will stay looking better and brighter for longer. Nevertheless, it’s still crucial to maintain regular cuts, especially if you bleach your hair. Consistent cuts can offer color a new look while minimizing split ends and breakage.


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