All about the brand RDT Herbal Formulas

RDT herbal formulas

All About the brand

RDT – Herbal Formulas

RDT Herbal Formulas is a brand of supplements dedicated to providing the highest quality of natural remedies. Here, you’ll find one-of-a kind formulations that utilize the most revered herbs of Asia. With years of research and development, RDT Herbal Formulas provides solutions for all kinds of ailments. In this blog post, we will explore why RDT Herbal Formulas is becoming one of the most sought after brands in the health and wellness industry. We’ll provide an overview of their products as well as explore how their products can help you achieve optimal health. Read on to learn more about RDT Herbal Formulas!

What is RDT Herbal Formulas?

RDT Herbal Formulas is a brand of all-natural, herbal supplements created by Rehmannia Dean Thomas. The formulas are designed to support optimal health and well-being, and are based on the latest scientific research. 

RDT Herbal Formulas is committed to creating products that are safe and effective, and that meet the highest standards of quality. The RDT Herbal Formulas line offers a convenient way to get all of the benefits of herbal supplements, without having to take multiple pills or capsules. The formulas are easy to take, and can be added to hot water. Please note: check the directions on the products.

rdt herbal formulas

Rehmannia Dean Thomas

RDT Herbal Formulas

The History of RDT Herbal Formulas

Rehmannia is the owner of RDT Herbal Formulas. Rehmannia is a Taoist Tonic Herbalist in the Gate of Life lineage. That is a 5000 year old herbal system from China. His immersion into Chinese herbalism started in 1985 when he visited herb farms in Northeastern China. He and his wife then created tonic tinctures in their kitchen. In 1998, he met Ron Teeguarden (a Master Herbalist) and became his apprentice until 2006. The following year, he established Shaman Shack Herbs where he formulated groundbreaking tonic elixirs. Rehmannia resigned from Shaman shack to start RDT Connoisseurs in 2021. 

Today, RDT Herbal Formulas is one of the leading manufacturers of herbal supplements. Their products are made with only the highest quality ingredients and are backed by science. RDT Herbal Formulas is committed to healping people live healthier, happier, lives through their products.

The Products of RDT Herbal Formulas

Rhemannia Dean Thomas’ Supertonic longevity elixirs and extracts includes a variety of formulas that support energie, stress relief, immunity, sleep and more. All of the formulas are made with high-quality, all-natural ingredients that are sourced from around the world.

Most of the medicinal herbs used by Rehmannia are collected from their native habitats in forests, following ancient traditions. This is done in a sustainable way with minimal impact to the environment. The primary source for these herbs is the northern Manchurian province of China and Korean countryside – similar to Maine geographically, containing various protected biospheres controlled by both the United Nations and Chinese government. The proclaimed “Di Tao” herbs that can be found in this area are certified pure and gathered respectfully from their natural habitat

Whether you’re looking for an herbal remedy for a specific health concern or you just want to try out new supplements, RDT Herbal Formulas has something for everyone. 

Their Mission & Vision

RDT Herbal Formulas’ mission is to provide natural and effective solutions to common health problems, using only the highest quality ingredients. All of their products are safe and effective. The tonic herbal formulas support your mental and physical wellness, so you can handle the busy world we live in. 

Their vision is to create a world where people can take control of their own health, without having to rely on harsh chemicals or expensive medications. They believe that nature has al the answers we need, and their goal is to help people connect with those answers.


In conclusion, RDT Herbal Formulas is a brand that is dedicated to providing natural healing and wellness solutions for people who want an alternative to traditional medications. The range of products from RDT Herbal Formulas has something for everyone. By choosing this brand, you can be sure that you are getting only natural ingredients in their products which makes them safer and more affective than many other convetional medicines. 


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