5 Signs to prep your hair for the winter

Now more than ever, our hair is rapidly losing moisture and its growth is stunted – all because of the colder air! This is why our hair goals for this harsh season are prioritizing moisture and giving extra protection for our hair and scalp. Among the multiple ways you can try to salvage your hair, let’s work through the essential successful habits you must have for your hair to survive and thrive during the cold dry winter.

1. Moisturize Your Hair

In the colder months, your hair is continuously dried out from the air, lacking humidity, moisture retention and protection. Your saving grace will be giving your hair the external nourishment it needs during the cold weather! If you don’t already, start using moisturizing products such as oils, masks and serums that coat your hair with nutrients and oils. For some extra support, work to also decrease the frequency of your hair washes so you avoid stripping too much of the natural oils your scalp already worked hard to produce. During this time, focus a lot of your winter hair care on improving the texture, adding shine, and sealing in moisture as these are key for lasting through the cold months!


2. Maintain Hydration

Post-shower while it’s wet is when your hair is at its most vulnerable – use this to your advantage and seal in the moisture while it’s there! Swoop in with your leave-in treatments that work to maintain your hair’s health and hydration by smoothing the texture, coating your hair with protection against environmental damage, and trapping the moisture before facing the dry weather outdoors. Our go-to product to apply before we rush out the door is the Leave-in Conditioner, functioning as a quick fix and a leave-in treatment for coating your hair with essential nutrients. It combats frizz, detangles and smooths out your hair texture, while making sure to add shine! Be sure to use products that also work towards strengthening your hair elasticity while maintaining its health so your hair can easily get through the winter with as minimal damage as possible.

3. Reduce Contact

Winter fashion insists on hats, scarves, and layers upon layers to combat the cold but did you know this can directly affect your hair too? You will do well to avoid drying materials and fabrics, such as wool and cotton, that tend to pull moisture or oil from your hair! To further combat this, try your best to use breathable hats or scarves when you have to have that winter protection. Substitute that tight cap with a loose beanie or loose breathable scarf, for starters.

4. Extra Protection

Instead of leaving your hair out in the open in the drying wind, consider using protective hairstyles to keep your hair intact and together, such as braids, buns, etc. As the dry air works to strip your hair of moisture, it also irritates your hair by producing static and friction. To keep your hair locked, start using silk hair ties or wraps for frictionless hairstyling! Another habit you can begin incorporating during the winter is a regular trim – prune your hair of the dry brittle ends that are weighing it down, and make room for the new, healthy and moisturized hair coming from your well-maintained scalp!

5. Stick to Your Routine!

The most important tip for your winter hair care: it is absolutely imperative for you to stick to your weekly hair routine! If you don’t already, make sure this includes a regularly scheduled scalp massage. The cold temperatures restrict blood flow and decrease circulation, slowing your overall hair growth for the entire season. If you remember to focus on your scalp, using a scalp treatment that nourishes your new hair and massaging regularly will stimulate the circulation throughout your roots, encouraging your new and healthier hair to keep growing through these cold times!


It will be even more beneficial when you use treatments that target any scalp concerns you have, like the Scalp Treatment for Problematic Scalp. As this product targets those with problems like dandruff and flakiness, it guarantees your scalp’s improved health and moisture while actively repairing these issues, especially throughout the cold season. But don’t be fooled – even if you don’t have scalp concerns, don’t neglect it! This is why the Scalp Treatment has an alternative for normal scalps, still providing those without targeted scalp concerns with extra moisture and hair growth support as the drying winter air is not kind to anybody. As long as you maintain your routine and scalp massages, you and your hair will get through the cold together!

As your hair’s natural nutrients and oils work hard to preserve its integrity, using natural products that support and add onto these essential factors is vital for your hair’s overall health! While you work towards preserving your hair moisture and scalp health, staying loyal to your weekly routine is the absolute essential when it comes to your hair in any and all situations. Understanding your hair and how the changing weather affects it will help you know exactly how you can combat the negative effects it comes with! Be sure to let us know how your hair journey goes using The Innate Life products and what tips you use to get through the colder days.

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