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The exciting journey into holistic beauty began many years ago with their “ancientLogo Oliveda and original tree” OLIVEDA – Olive Tree Pharmacy. Their “tree” LA DOPE, which has its roots in Los Angeles, is one of them. As are their new “trees” THE INTUITION of Nature and OLIVE re:connected to nature, under the umbrella of OLIVE TREE PEOPLE completely redefine holistic beauty. They are all connected through growing towards holistic beauty, or, as the OLIVE TREE PEOPLE say: From Tree to Beauty.

” I wanted to learn the craft of producing first-class olive oil and offer people who, like me, loved the olive trees so much, the opportunity to get their oil from their own olive tree in the future. ”

F06 Serum Face Cell Active

Oliveda F06 Serum Face Cell Active is a gentle face serum that fights wrinkles and aging skin, thanks to concentrated hydroxytyrosol power. With its concentrated hydroxytyrosol power, Oliveda Face Serum F06 supports skin tightening, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and firms the skin by stimulating collagen production. Skin feels invigorated, looks healthy and is protected against free radicals throughout the day.

B53 Grapefruit Rose Shower Gel

This mild shower gel made of natural ingredients gently cleanses the skin and stimulates your senses with the refreshing scent of tangy grapefruit and seductively serene touch of fresh rose petals. Its luxurious texture pampers your skin with a moisturizing combination of natural emollients that will leave your skin with the physical sensation of delicate care. Notably dry and sensitive skin will delight itself in this effect.

I70 The Beauty Molecule

The Beauty Molecule is a vegan beauty booster which combines two essential active ingredients for beautiful skin. Hydroxytyrosol inhibits the process of biological ageing and anti-oxidises. Hyaluronic Acid provides deep moisture and protects the skin against harmful outside influences. Together they form an ideal alliance to help increase hydration levels and provide your skin with an improvement in its elasticity.


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