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New Study Shows Certain Dental Flosses Contain Toxic Chemicals

A Happy Mouth is A Happy Body

KANEOHE, Hawaii, Jan. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Most dental professionals recommend flossing at least once a day, to protect against plaque and periodontal disease. But a high-profile new study published on Nature.com shows that certain types of floss can actually be exposing people to potentially toxic chemicals that can severely impact their health.

Mein Weg zu mehr Natürlichkeit

My Natural Journey - Kathrin - katsofa

2019 –– vielleicht hast du schon öfter überlegt, einen natürlicheren Lebensweg einzuschlagen oder das eine oder andere hin zu mehr Natur zu verändern. Wenn du es dieses Jahr anpacken möchtest, und vielleicht noch eine kleine Starthilfe benötigst, dann ist dieser Beitrag für dich!

Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine

Valentine ’s Day is nearby and there are two kind of people out there: People with relationships who are looking for valentines gifts and single people who could possibly find their Valentine that day ?.And because this day can also be a little difficult or stressful for people who just broke up or going through […]

On the Birth and Being of Babes

Natural Babycare

Plants and flowers brim with vigorous, ever renewing life, and they symbiotically lend their life energy to sustain us. The life force of the plants oils in aromatherapy make them natural and wise attendants to births and babies.

Care for Happy and Healthy Looking Hair | VIDEO

Care for Happy and Healthy Looking Hair - Nadine Artemis - Living Libations

Grow long, strong hair, prevent frizz and split ends, and arrest itchy, flaky scalps. „If your hair has a mind of its own and you urgently need some hair-repair, resist the urge to stock up with synthetic shampoo, conditioner, masks, and sprays touting miraculous hair-repair technology. The prescription for A Good Hair Day, Every Day, […]

A Good Hair Day, Every Day

The Free Dictionary defines a good hair day as „a good day in general,“ and I think most of us would agree. We all want shiny, smooth, and manageable hair and good hair sure makes getting ready in the morning more fun.

Winter! – How does it have an effect on your skin?

Winter - How does it have an effect on your skin

Snow and ice; although everything looks fairytale-like, it can cause some problems. 
Not only for transport or construction, but also for your skin it will be a challenge.
 When the indoor heating has been literally sucking every drop of moisture from your skin, there are some solutions. With all the cold weather nearby and perhaps […]

Creating Libations

Creating Libations

Upon meeting, Nadine was compelled by Ron’s life-force, infinite intelligence, and divine playfulness. He was enraptured with being alive and emanated a wondrous, crazy wisdom. To Nadine, Ron was a troubadour, a Prince of Song, and she was enchanted by his bardic grace and strength.