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Jana Teneva

Plant Portrait: Thyme

There is nothing like a warm, smoking cup of thyme tea on a cold winter [...]

Plant Portrait: Nettle

Stinging nettle is a plant we all get to know usually quiet early in childhood, [...]

Portrait de plante : Calendula

In my home country Bulgaria the name calendula (“neven” in Bulgarian) is a popular woman [...]

Portrait des plantes: Fleurs de sureau

End of may / early June white hats will start pop up on top of [...]

Portrait des plantes: Argousier

L’odeur des baies fraîches d’argousier fin septembre en parcourant les dunes de la côte hollandaise… [...]

Jana Teneva | Health Coach

Hello, my name is Jana Teneva and I am a big nature-lover, a hobby photographer [...]

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