Oil cleansing: Why all the buzz is justifiable!

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What is Oil Cleansing?

Despite the fact that oil washing has been around for a while, its popularity has recently increased, and it is easy to understand why.
The term “oil washing” simply refers to the process of deep cleaning your skin with an oil or a combination of oils while preserving its natural oils and moisture.
It can be rather intimidating for those of us who have dealt with acne, oily skin, and clogged pores because we’ve been conditioned for far too long to think that oil will only make those specific problems much worse!
As a result, misconceptions like these steer us away from experimenting with oil cleansing and right into using a foaming cleanser, which can drive us away from trying our hand at oil cleansing, and straight into the hands of a foamy cleanser which can end up stripping and drying out our skin – leaving us with, you guessed it, acne, excessive amounts of oil and clogged pores. Go figure.

Unfortunately, these myths have left too many of us unwilling to break out of this cycle, and whilst it may be true that not every oil works well on the skin, the unfortunate oil phobia that many of us have developed also needs to be debunked – so here’s a few myths busted to help get to the bottom of things!

1. Those of us with oily skin shouldn’t use oil-based cleansers

It’s all too common that those of us with oily skin have been made to believe we need to dry our skin out of the excess oil we have in order to normalise our oil production levels. So, when we find a cleanser that leaves our skin with the ‘squeaky clean’ (in other words ‘dry and tight’) sensation, we think that means it’s working.

Yet the truth is quite the opposite – when we strip our skin of it’s very necessary natural oils, our sebaceous glands attempt to combat this sudden onset of dehydration and surface level dryness by over producing oil. So rather than damaging our skin barrier with overly drying and stripping ingredients, a nourishing and calming oil cleanser to help get rid of dirt, grime and sweat, whilst also soothing the skin can in the long run help to balance out the excessive sebum production, and prevent acne and clogged pores from occurring in the first place.


2. Oil cleansers and water don’t mix

As well as the fear of clogged pores and acne (which we now know is not usually caused by an oil cleanser) many of us steer clear of oil cleansers out of fear of being left with a greasy ‘oil slick’ appearance after using it.

But oil cleansers, like the Vemel No1 Cleansing Oil have been specifically formulated to emulsify (turn into a light lather) when mixed with water, to make it as simply as applying, adding water, and washing away – no need for any wash cloths.

And with antioxidant filled ingredients like Camellia Seed Oil, Grape Seed Oil and Rosehip Fruit Extract – your skin is not only given a boost of multivitamins, it’s purified of any impurities that are sat on the skin too, to help achieve a nourished and healthy glow. That paired with the fact that there isn’t a long, complicated process of application (simply apply just as you would your usual gel cleanser) – it’s the perfect first step in your routine

3. You can only use an oil cleanser in the evening 

As we haven’t applied make up or SPF before getting into bed (well, we hope not anyway!) we might think it’s unnecessary to oil cleanse in the morning. The truth is, an oil-based cleanser can remove far more than just make up and SPF. Throughout the night as we sleep our skin still produces sebum, meaning we can still find we have oil accumulating on our skin even in the morning (be it less than the evening, it is still there). So, opting to cleanse the skin of this build-up of oil and sweat with an oil cleanser can leave your skin fresh and ready to absorb the remaining steps in your morning routine. And yes, you really can use the same cleanser morning and evening! Of course, if you prefer to switch things up, a balm to oil cleanser, like the Vemel Vitamin Boost Cleansing Balm, can be a nice way of unwinding for the evening whilst removing your make up – brimming with rich organic oils and antioxidant dense extracts, it’s the perfect first step to help your skin achieve a healthy and radiant complexion.

Ultimately, despite what we have been led to believe over the years, oil cleansing can work for skin types from dry all the way to oily and combination. In fact, it is one of the most effective methods to ensure you are truly deep cleaning your skin and preparing it for the products to follow. So, we can say goodbye to the years of oil phobia we’ve had instilled into us, and hello to fresh (not tight!) feeling skin, and a healthy glow to go with it.

Vemel waterless organic skincare
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