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Unfortunately, there is no one cream or serum out there that will do everything needed for the optimal health of your skin.  Your best skin doesn’t happen by using one “miracle” product for a few months. It just doesn’t work that way. A person who is committed to slowing the decline and aging of the skin will continually invest in products for a simple routine and the time necessary to maintain and treat the vital organ. This requires performing individual steps regularly every day, every week, for years.  

Skincare is truly an expression of self-love. When you practice real skin care, it absolutely manifests as your multidimensional beauty. Your best skin is something that unfolds daily as you connect to it, support it, and it then reveals itself to you over years from that commitment and practice of caring for yourself.

Hydrating Accelerator

Helps plump, firm, increase circulation of plant actives, and support healthy skin function.

Probably the most crucial and overlooked step to achieving clear, radiant skin is the hydration phase. In my approach to skin, hydration is paramount. In order to hydrate the skin moisturizing must be understood.
The term “Moisturizing” referring to the skin care is a bit of a misnomer – when moisturizing, actual ‘moisture’ is not being infused into skin, it’s oil that’s applied to effectively seal in the actual moisture/water/hydration into the skin and thereby causing the skin to retain hydration.
This ‘sealing’ action that reinforces the skin barrier we call ‘moisturizing’ will always be referred to in this way. It’s just not accurate.
Just like when our skin is surface dry, it’s a lack of oil/lipids we are referring to, not water/hydration, but we say it anyway.
We use a term that’s defined by water to reference a lack oil – but when the skin has excess oil, we say “oily” we don’t’ say wet. This is why there is so much confusion between hydrating and moisturizing, and dry, dehydrated, and oily terms.
When people refer to plant oils as “dry oils” because they absorb into the skin faster – this only adds to the incorrect way we speak about ingredients and skin care.
All oils are dry – they don’t contain water. Calling other oils “wet” is ridiculous and makes no sense. What makes an oil absorb quickly or create a level of occlusion are the fatty acids and other constituents in its profile – not the oil containing water – and being described as wet or dry.

Most people are already moisturizing and still unaware of the need to hydrate the skin in order to properly “moisturize” it. Proper hydration is necessary for whole skin health and function.
Skin must maintain a certain level of hydration to retain its elasticity and circulation of vital nutrients and fluids, and to eliminate.
Proper hydration allows every cell to work at its optimal level. When skin is dehydrated, proper skin function and circulation are impaired. The skin can’t effectively benefit from the other phases of skincare when circulation is stagnant.

Hydrating and moisturizing are two distinctly different phases of skin care through the two are absolutely married and can’t function without the other. Water and oil react chemically to skin very differently, so hydrating and moisturizing steps are effective when applied separately.
Hydration is retained by proper moisturizing.
Water/Hydration must be applied first, opening and flushing the cells with fluid. Hydrating is delivered by water, and moisturizing is performed immediately after the water phase with oil-based products.
Creams are oil-based, though they do contain water, they usually perform as oil/lipid barrier cell-binding function rather than hydrating agents.
There are many variables and it does depend on the difference between ingredients and formula and how it performs with the differences of each individual skin.
A moisturizer for one skin can be light, serum-like, and absorb entirely leaving only minimal barrier reinforcement and for the next skin, the same cream might be sufficient moisturizing and barrier repair.
The stratum corneum the outermost protective layer of the skin is comprised of keratin (protein) and lipids (oil). This ‘brick and mortar’ barrier/protection layer of the skin is hydrophobic and needing anhydrous (oil based) products to best penetrate the surface – but what we are trying to achieve is restoring the skin with hydration/water.
This is where ingredients and formulation are fascinating and effective at overcoming the skins natural defense.

The secret to the formulation of the Hydrating Accelerator and the Hydration Boost Concentrate is the combination of ingredients that create such an effective skin-penetrating formula.
The base of these two innovative products is the penetration-enhancing ingredient Aloe Vera combined with a specific concentration of fatty-acids from a unique oil profile that effectively reduces skin surface tension and acts as a vehicle by increasing permeability.
This allows the antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and nutrients past the skin barrier and sets up the skin to carry the actives in the next phase as well. The moisturizing phase seals in the hydration and actives while reinforcing the skins protective acid mantle barrier.
Finish with the product that creates the most effective barrier which is the Vital Balm Cream and should be applied last, sealing in the hydration, actives, and effectively moisturizing the skin for the entire day or night.

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