Josh Rosebrook


I opened my first salon in Portland, Oregon, when I was 10 years old. I found an antique barber’s chair in our basement and soon was styling and fixing the hair of all the kids in the neighborhood. It came naturally to me; I instinctively knew how to cut and style their hair to give them the look they wanted.

My interest in skin care came a few years later and by the time I was a teenager I was comparing results and reading labels and asking a lot of questions. I began to make the connection between natural skin care, diet, plants and herbs, and true health and beauty.

My love and curiosity for hair and skin care grew through high school, lead to cosmetology school, and landed me in Los Angeles in my early 20s. My career as a hairdresser flourished and I began looking for products containing specific, natural ingredients and I couldn’t find them anywhere on the market. Driven by a desire for what I wanted and a fascination with natural ingredients, I expanded my background in hair and scalp to the biochemistry of the skin. I began creating my own skin care and the results were astounding.

The Cacao Antioxidant Mask was the first product I made that delivered real results. My clients began noticing the changes in my skin and asked me what I was using, so I shared it with them. I had no intention of selling it until friends who suffered from acne experienced dramatic improvements in their complexion.

It felt incredible to help people feel better about themselves. I became imbued with a great passion to educate and help people feel more beautiful and confident. This energy continues to inspire me every day to create the most effective, pure products of value that deliver real results.

Josh Rosebrook

The foundation of great skin and hair is a vital, healthy body. In my approach, I believe truly beautiful skin, scalp, and hair begins not only with my professional, high-quality, efficacious products that support and protect healthy function and structure, but also a deep focus on whole body-mind balance.

Today I work with a team that includes industry-leading natural cosmetic chemists and herbalists. Together we conceive, test, and perfect my formulas. Only when it meets our uncompromising standards do I share these creations with the world.

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