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KATHRIN HECHTKathrin firmly believes in the power of food and the potent magic of natural solutions.To her, natural empowerment and freedom in life are deeply connected, reinforcing each other.Living partly in Europe, partly in New Zealand, she follows summer and inspires to reconnect with ourselves and Mother Nature.

7 tips tegen menstruatiepijn

Natuurlijke verlichting van kramp en stress - Ahhhh, menstruatiepijn - dit onderwerp verveelt nooit! Sorry voor [...]

HOE YOGA UW LEVEN BETER KAN MAKEN (+ een speciale kerstaanbieding)

Voordat je begint te lezen, neem even de tijd om je af te stemmen en [...]

Digestion: Quick Poop Remedies and Long-term wellbeing

Feeling your digestion off balance? Here are five ways to get you back on track [...]

5 Strategies to Ground & Focus

How are you feeling at the moment? Good or rather all over the place and [...]

5 Tips Against Menstrual Pain

What if I told you that you could alleviate your period pain without relying on [...]

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Deodorant detox: Going naturally more easily

Have you thought about switching to a natural deodorant, but you’re still a little hesitant? [...]

My Natural Journey

2020 –– if you feel like this is the year to start living a more [...]

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