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Vemel scent skincare
As much as we hate to accept it, and as much as the skincare industry tries its very best to hide it – most of the scented skincare items we have in our cupboards are not actually doing our skin any favours. In fact, fragrance has been found to be one of the most sensitising ingredients found in skincare products, and given that skin is our largest organ, and we absorb around 60% of the products we put on our skin into our bodies – it’s no wonder this topic has been circulating for so long now! And yes, even those of us with normal or healthy skin are at risk – there are no skin types that are exempt when it comes to fragrance, meaning this isn’t just for those of us with already sensitive skin. 
Unfortunately, we’ve been led to believe if our skin doesn’t react immediately to a heavily scented product, that must mean it isn’t damaging to us individually – when in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Take for instance eating foods we know aren’t good for us. Our bodies might not immediately react negatively – but over a long period of consistently eating these foods we will be left with the long-term affect and will likely find ourselves with health conditions we might not have otherwise had. 
Vemel scent skincare

Why so much fragrance then?

To put it simply, consumers enjoy the experience of products with fragrance more so than those without. Research into the impact of scent in skincare products found many consumers find that fragrance is where they attach emotion to the product, allowing them to feel a deeper connection to the process of applying their products as they enjoy the aroma. So, cosmetic companies utilise this fact and add in multiple fragrant components to a product to have it smelling incredible – all at the detriment of the buyer’s skin. Of course, as we become more aware of the impact scent can have on our skin, companies are making use of the current lack of regulations surrounding transparency around fragrance, by using terms we can’t easily recognise to be fragrance – terms like Linalool, Citronellol, and Cinnamal rather than clearly stated ‘parfum’ or ‘synthetic fragrance’. On top of this, a lot of companies have turned to essential oils as a source of fragrance – and whilst essential oils can have so many other great uses, they are also no exception when it comes to fragrance in skincare. They can be very drying and overly harsh for the skin when in their purest form, leaving our skin barrier compromised. 
Vemel scent skincare

What can we do?

It’s important we recognise that we shouldn’t be shopping for skincare with our noses (as fun as it can be!). In order to get the results we truly want from our skincare, we cannot lower our standards for our products by allowing distraction tactics to let us lose sight of what really matters – the health of our skin!  Fortunately, there are now alternatives available. The entire Vemel range is free from synthetic fragrances and endocrine disrupting ingredients – instead each product is made up only of ingredients with you and your health in mind. And for the scent lovers among us – the Vemel Advanced Protective Serum is the perfect little solution, naturally scented with the delicate scent of plum kernel that closely resembles almonds – you can enjoy all the benefits of a pure potent product and the calming aromatic experience, all the while giving your skin the treatment it deserves. Or, if you’re looking to pay a little more attention to the areas of our face we so often overlook – the Vemel Intense Age Repair Eye and Lip Cream might be just the thing you’re looking for. Designed to target and fight signs of aging, and with a gentle scent of coconut and amaranth you’re able to put the youth back into your skin, all the while enjoying the daily experience of doing so.  

So, as we spend a few minutes each morning and evening carrying out our skincare routines, it’s important to remember fragrance free skincare might be missing the fragrance, but it’s full of so much more.

Commitment to our planet

Our brand is 100% plastic free which includes all aspects of our packaging. We’ve said “No” to using pipettes for our serums as they are not recyclable, choosing aluminium screw caps instead.

The smooth and luxurious feel of every cosmetic box that you hold is because of a clear plastic outer coating known as ‘lamination’. Vemel have said “NO,” to this, as it prevents all boxes from being recycled.

We have also made a conscious decision to use no outer packaging on some of our product range where we felt this viable. Our glass jars and bottles come from partly recycled glass and are fully recyclable, along with all our biodegradable packaging. We are however continuously on the look out to further improve the recycled content of all our packaging.

We also made a conscious decision not to use essential oils in any of our products as it is widely known they are toxic to aquatic life and can have long lasting impacts on marine ecosystems.” We are committed to creating a brand that is mindful to our planet!

Vemel waterless organic skincare
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