Routines to Care for and Relax the little ones at home

For the little ones, these days are almost more complicated than for us. Not understanding what is happening and not being able to go outside may make them more restless and nervous than usual.
Bath time is an opportunity for them to relax, to slow down their heartbeat and to loosen up. Our range for children and babies has been developed with active ingredients such as Hypericum extract and citrus essential oils that protect their skin with aromatherapy properties that help them feel happy and relaxed.

100% natural products to care for the delicate skin of the little ones. Did you know that our Kids and Babies range has great relaxing power?

That’s right, our products for toddlers have great relaxing powers and a citrus scent that helps them emotionally connect with the joy of childhood. 100% natural products with essential oils that give a feeling of well-being and freshness, as well as relaxation, so that the little ones can control their emotions.

Children and babies + bath = HAPPINESS
One of the most special moments for them is usually the bath. They return to the water, to that feeling that is like the inside of a mummy, to that moment when they have the absolute attention of your hands, your gaze, your energy.

In the bath, use our bath gel with hypericum extract, which has great relaxing power because its citrus fruits come into direct contact with the emotions.

Take the opportunity to create a moment for yourself, to disconnect from notifications, emails, work and connect with their skin, the largest organ we have and one that is still growing to embrace each of their muscles that will take up more space over time.

A ritual to soothe and relax your baby at home with the power of essential oils.
You only need a few minutes and we assure you that this release will help you connect with yourself and your baby.

Here’s what we recommend you do:

Heat water in your bathtub and add a few drops of our Children & Babies Bath and Shower Gel.
Play quiet music at a medium volume
When your baby is in the water, use a sponge to slowly drip water over its body.
Lather your baby up with Children & Babies Bath and Shower Gel.
When you get out of the bath, take the time to massage your baby gently with oil.
At bedtime, put three drops of essential oils of lavender, mandarin and lemon into a diffuser in their room. These oils can help your little one rest.

Remember: find that time for yourself and create routines that connect. Your baby needs it to grow.

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