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Gua Sha Tutorial + a DIY Recipe

Gua sha is a centuries-old technique for acupressure and lymphatic drainage. Also known as skin scraping or facial scraping, this method of encouraging the skin to heal itself is historically carried out with a stone (like jade) or even something as simple as the edge of a coin!

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Background of Gua Sha

For a very long time, the ancient Chinese have employed gua sha massage as a form of traditional healing. Between 1368 and 1644 in the Ming Dynasty, the process was systematically calculated into significant medical records. Although the history of Gua Sha practice is thought to be far older, the Ming Dynasty, roughly 700 years ago, is the earliest recorded record of the practice.

GuaSha has been documented historically from the Paleolithic period. People were massaged with hands, stones, or common household items like coins or tins when they became unwell or went into a coma to cope with the symptoms and side effects of their illnesses.

So Gua Sha is already a centuries old practice for lymphatic drainage and acupressure. We don’t recommend skin scraping unless you’re in the hands of an expert, but we do absolutely love and adore gua sha you do at home with a special rose quartz crystal tool ( like this tool). 

The benefits of using Gua Sha

Rose quartz has a cooling effect and emits a calming, loving aura. Here are a few advantages that could be realized by regular use:

  1. improved facial and neck vascular circulation
  2. improved lymphatic drainage (god help those who suffer from seasonal allergies!)
  3. wrinkles and dark circles are lessened
  4. cleared up acne
  5. A more radiant complexion (look at that skin!)

We also love combining gua sha with a DIY facial massage oil to get all the great benefits of essential oils (recipe included below)! 

Gua Sha – Instructions

  1. Start by washing your hands and your skin, then apply a thicker oil or moisturizer. Never tug or pull your stone; the oil makes it easier for the stone to glide smoothly on your skin. For additional calming and reviving effects, you can also use the mix for face massage oil below, or you can add a drop or two of lavender oil or tansy Essential oil. Another great option to use are our best Skin Evers by Living Libations!
  2. Hold the stone at a 45-degree angle to your skin and make smooth, constant motions. Additionally, you can “knead” gently by pressing into pressure spots.
    To help with lymphatic drainage, you should generally move in the direction your lymph flows. Use the arrows on the charts in this post to guide you!

  3. Modify pressure according to your preferences and the sensitivity of your skin. Follow your gut. Take a deep breath and relish your bright skin!
    Gua sha awakens the face and aids in de-puffing, thus we prefer to use it first thing in the morning.
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DIY Recipe

Gua Sha Facial Massage Oil

Before massaging, generously apply to the face and skin.

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