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Everyone, every day, a little healthier!

Foodsporen was born from a great passion for mushrooms. I am still fascinated by these wonderful “creatures” that are neither plants nor animals. They are literally under every step we take on this planet. A planet whose soil is crisscrossed with a gigantic network of their mycelium, and the air we breathe is full of millions of their spores. Fungi feed us, heal us, and turn forest waste into nutrients for the soil. They are indispensable in an ecosystem and especially indispensable in our “ecosystem”. Mushrooms have been used by people for thousands of years and occupy an important place in Chinese medicine, for example. They are also being rediscovered in Europe. Recent scientific research confirms what our ancestors knew long ago. Namely, mushrooms contain an unprecedented amount of nutrients that can not only heal us, but also save us a lot of trouble in the form of diseases. With Foodsporen we are following in the “footsteps” of ancient medicine, which we combine with the most modern science and technology.

”Foodsporen follows in the “footsteps” of ancient medicine, combining it with the most modern science and technology”

Mart Stoffele

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My fascination with mushrooms

My fascination with mushrooms came from my own experience: I was stuck in life, not feeling well and unable to concentrate. Despite several visits to the doctor, there was no improvement. Finally, I discovered a mushroom extract, a tincture, that actually worked. Soon I felt better. I was also able to concentrate better, and so I began to look into natural medicine. That would have been unthinkable before. The excerpts gave me more focus and clarity. Book after book was devoured, and passion turned into a business. With Foodsporen, I want to introduce as many people as possible to the power of these invigorating mushrooms.

Mart Stoffele

My Vision

I strongly believe in a holistic approach when it comes to our health. Prevention is better than cure. My vision, and therefore the vision of Foodsporen, is to make every day a little healthier! If you give these mushrooms a permanent place in your daily routine, your health will improve significantly and, more importantly, it will stay that way. One overarching characteristic of vitalizing mushrooms is that they have a tremendously positive effect on our immune system. Each individual mushroom is characterized by different powerful properties. The range of food spores will undoubtedly expand, because my passion and skills are not limited to Chaga, Lion’s Mane and Reishi mushrooms. Therefore, we are currently working intensively on the development of new extracts from other mushrooms. In addition, different forms of ingestion will be possible in the future. Think, for example, of powders that can be added to a smoothie. Or capsules with extract for a simple ‘daily dose of natural power’! I will continue to innovate and always strive for perfection


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