What your Lips & Eyes are giving Away about your age

Despite growth and the ageing process being a natural and rather remarkable experience, it can leave many of us feeling conscious of the way it appears on us physically. So, the more we notice the deepening of the creases around our eyes, and the loss of moisture and volume in our lips – our confidence can too lose the vigour it once had. In fact, it’s been studied that our lips are the most noticeable facial feature to show signs of ageing. Sure, our hair might start thinning and there might be more greys than there aren’t – but full, plump lips are the ultimate sign of youth. This makes sense because as we age, the decreased production of new collagen and elastin molecules make our lips appear thinner. They lose the vital subdermal structure needed to remain full and plump – this paired with a lack of moisture can ultimately lead to the premature thinning and loss of colour in our lips.

Similarly to our lips, our eyes need that little more attention and care, particularly as we age. This is quite simply because the skin around our eyes is thinner and more delicate, meaning this is where we get the most (and first) wrinkles. So, whilst a skincare mistake we all too often make is skipping eye cream – in reality it should be the first anti-ageing product to be added into our routine – even before our beloved serum! 

Of course, we all hear the words collagen, elastin and lipids and automatically associate it with youth and brighter, younger looking skin. But what do they actually mean? 

Well, quite simply collagen and elastin are your skin’s proteins. Collagen helps keep our skin firm, while elastin (as suggested in the name) helps our skin to stretch and bounce back. Whereas lipids are our skin’s natural fats, playing a crucial role of maintaining the strength of our skin barrier and holding in moisture. The combination of these is what keeps our skin looking at its best, however over time ageing and the environment can cause our skin to not produce these proteins and fats as much or as effectively, causing our skin to wrinkle and sag.

It’s all too easy to overlook the areas of our skin which actually reveal the impact of ageing, sun exposure and environmental damage the quickest. Perhaps it’s because we find ourselves speeding through our skincare routine in the name of self-care, but can’t commit the time to add in extra products for the smallest areas of our face. Or maybe we think the same products we use elsewhere are enough to achieve our desired look even on our eyes and lips, and so we run our moisturiser across our eyes and lips and hope for the boost we’re looking for.

With the RIGHT products, it doesn’t have to be troublesome, nor do we have to skimp on the results. And for those of us that like to stick to a simple skincare routine – trying to pay a little more attention to our eyes and lips doesn’t mean adding a bucket load more products. In fact – one purposeful and potent product is more than enough to care for these highly sensitive areas. The Vemel Intense Age Repair Eye and Lip Cream has been designed exactly with this in mind. The carefully selected ingredient list doesn’t claim to rewind time, but instead to preserve your youth.

Each ingredient has been specifically selected to target and fight against the signs of ageing. For instance, Amaranth Seed Oil has a high concentration of Squalene, a skin barrier repairing ingredient that not only provides brilliant protection against UV damage, but is also a natural moisturiser – in other words, it packs quite the punch. Murumuru Butter is full of rich healthy fats which work effectively to hydrate your eyes and lips, meaning lines and creases appear less visible and smoother. Next is the wonderful addition of Kiwi Seed Oil. Despite oranges being hailed as the number one fruit for Vitamin C, kiwi actually has more than double the amount! The fact that kiwis hold over 40 times the amount of Vitamin C, as well as having a high concentration of essential fatty acids, is crucial to helping the formation of collagen – as a result the makeup of this extract is proven to promote skin elasticity and reduce dryness leading to fewer lines and wrinkles.

  • Organic Aloe Vera Oil – A moisture locking super oil. Vitamins and minerals rich oil that contain 98% actives to repair, rejuvenate and hydrate your skin. A soothing drink to quench skin.
  • Organic Murumuru Butter– Amazonian treat for smooth and soft skin. Light yet ultra nourishing butter to help restore your skin’s elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Promotes skin regeneration by deeply penetrating the skin’s layers stimulating collagen production.
  • Organic Kiwi Seed Oil – Your instant vitamin C boost. Ultimate anti-ageing ingredient to help regenerate skin cells and improve elasticity. Rich in vitamins C & E, to promote collagen production and lock in moisture.
  • Organic Argan Wax – Our organic secret to a delightful texture. Organic & vegan-friendly alternative to beeswax, rich in essential fatty acids, carotenoids and vitamins A, D and E.

This seamless formula full of nourishing and antioxidant rich ingredients creates the perfect creamy combination to hydrate yet gently target areas of concern. And as always with Vemel, the commitment to waterless products and high potent skincare means a little goes a long way, and the gentle scent of coconut and amaranth means it’s just as pleasing an aromatic experience as it is a repairing one. This fighting combination of ingredients has been specifically formulated to put moisture and life back into the areas we need it, unveiling a firmer more youthful appearance. The real story every little crease and line on our face tells is a life of expression, memories and experiences had. And whilst we may not look like we did 10 years ago, growth and progression are full of beauty and always something to be celebrated, whatever our age.

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